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Message by UNICEF Iran Goodwill Ambassador on Gaza fundraing appeal

The first cry of the war and the first smile of the peace belong to the children!


For more than three weeks of conflict, children in Gaza – who represent more than half of the Strip’s population – have experienced days of extraordinary violence, both physical and mental. They have been suffering injury and death, anxiety and horror. They need your help now.


Every effort must be made that children, and in particular the most vulnerable ones, those affected by violent conflict and disaster, receive the protection they need. This is their right and our collective duty.


To help the children of Gaza, UNICEF’s office in Iran is appealing to the citizens of Iran to donate generously to help children of Gaza to move gradually from the bitterness of war to a more peaceful normal life.


Please Donate Now. Children in Gaza Urgently Need Your Support!


Please donate to UNICEF Iran’s bank account number 5005, Bank Melli Eskan (payable in all branches)




unite for children