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IRNA interview with UNICEF Iran Representative on the situation in Gaza

UNICEF is worried about a critical situation of 750,000 children in Gaza.


In an interview with IRNA on 31 December 2008, UNICEF Representative to Iran, Christian Salazar Volkmann said: Children constitute about half of 1.5 million population of Gaza and UNICEF’s biggest concern is the situation of children under the age of 6 and their health.


He added that UNICEF’s aid supplies are not just for children as they are a part of family but some of these aid supplies are exclusively for children including vaccines, anti-diarrhea medicines as well as enriched food.


We received some reports regarding the injuries and deaths of some defenseless children in Gaza, so we are really worried about the situation of children there.


At the moment 60 containers containing health care and medicine supplies are ready to be delivered to Gaza that could be sufficient for 160,000 people for three months but unfortunately access to the people in Gaza is difficult.


He said that yesterday people in Gaza received health care, medical and food aid supplies from the United Nations but I’m not sure whether UNICEF’s aid supplies were a part of those supplies.


Referring to the psychosocial support which has been provided to the children affected by armed conflict in Gaza and West Bank, he said that measures are being taken to expand this project in this situation.


In the response to the journalist’s question regarding any camp or shelter for children in Gaza, he said that UNICEF has not set up any camp yet for children in Gaza.


About how the Israeli forces deal with international aid, UNICEF Iran Representative said:delivering humanitarian aids to the area is not impossible but it is very difficult and we need to negotiate with Israel in this regard.


He said that what is emphasized by UNICEF, other UN agencies and the Secretary General is to stop the attacks as soon as possible so the innocent civilians including children would stay safe.


He emphasized that until the attacks are not stopped, the possibility of delivering aid supplies to Gaza is low.




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