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UNICEF Representative thanks artists and audience after week of HIV/AIDS pop concerts ends in Tehran


Tehran, 13 November 2008 – Iran’s first-ever pop and rock concert series dedicated to raising awareness on HIV/AIDS ended yesterday in the heart of Tehran with cheers and loud applause by an excited audience that filled the concert hall at the Ministry of Interior Hall to the last seat.


“Our special thanks for this outstanding and extraordinary event goes to the artists, some of whom have not been on an Iranian stage for many years,” said Christian Salazar, UNICEF Representative in Iran. The concert series was supported by UNICEF and UNAIDS in advance of this year’s World AIDS Day events on 1 December.


“A big thank you must also go to the audience who enthousiastically came to the event and donated with the ticket purchase money to UNICEF’s work on HIV/AIDS in Iran,” Christian Salazar said.


“The large red ribbon that adorned the background of the concert hall was a vivid reminder what this whole event was all about – to send important messages about HIV/AIDS to a wider public,” he said.


The key measures to prevent the further spread of HIV/AIDS follow the ABC principle:


  • Abstain from sex or delay start of sexual activity (A)
  • Be faithful to your spouse/partner (B)
  • Use Condoms (C)
  • Don't use drugs (D)


Every year on 1 December, United Nations agencies, governments and all sectors of civil society worldwide join for an HIV/AIDS campaign. 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day, which this year is running under the theme “Lead – Empower – Deliver.”


The concerts held in Tehran from 6 to 12 November included a number of famous Iranian stars, such as Alireza Assar, Mehran Modiri, Mani Rahnama and Reza Yazdani. Parts of the ticket sales were donated to UNICEF’s HIV/AIDS programme in Iran.




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