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Road Safety Tips for Children from 7-12 years - Better safe than sorry: be an active and careful traffic participant!



How to Choose Safe Places to Cross: Stop, Look, Listen, Think


  • STOP one step behind the kerb or shoulder of the road if there is no footpath
  • LOOK in all directions for approaching traffic
  • LISTEN in all directions for approaching traffic
  • THINK about whether it is safe to cross the road – when the road is clear or all traffic has stopped
  • When crossing, walk straight across the road. Keep LOOKING and LISTENING for traffic while crossing
  • Whenever you have a choice, use a pedestrian tunnel or bridge to cross the road

How to Ride your Bike Safely


  • Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle or other vehicle on wheels, such skateboards and scooters
  • Never ride on the road without adult supervision. Keep to the footpath and bicycle paths – these are safer than the road.
  • When you ride on a footpath or bicycle path, the adult with you must make sure that you give way to pedestrians, look out before crossing driveways and stop before crossing roads. Many accidents happen when children try to enter a road from a driveway.

How to Travel Safely in a Car: Insist on a Seat Belt, and Keep it Fastened all the Time


  • Keep your seat belts fastened at all times when travelling as a passenger in a car and set a good example by being a safe passenger, even when other passengers choose not to wear a seat belt!
  • Never distract the driver by being noisy or playing up
  • Always use the “Safety Door” when getting in or out of the car- this is typically the rear door facing the kerb side (away from the traffic).
  • Remind your parents/caretakers to wear their seat belts

How to Use Public Transport Safely


  • Be aware of the dangers associated with being on and around public transport, such as busses, taxis and trains
  • Never use buses, trains and taxis while you are alone
  • Be respectful of the rights of other passengers


Remember: Motorbikes are NOT for children under 12!


Never insist to ride on a motorbike as a passenger if you still are not tall enough to place your feet securely on both foot pegs and hold on to the bike passenger strap or the rider.


SAY NO TO DANGER: Always refuse to ride on a motorbike without a helmet!


Motorbikes are not made to meet children’s safety needs and in the event of a crash only a proper helmet can protect your head from serious injuries.







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