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Message by Mahtab Keramati, UNICEF Iran Goodwill Ambassador, on the occasion of Children's Day




Everyone of us is an active or passive participant in Iran’s daily traffic, whether we go to work, school, kindergarten or shopping. The same is true for our children, the most precious part of our lives. And yet, Iran’s roads are no safe places. Nowhere else in Iran do more children loose their lives than in the country’s traffic.


I am happy and proud to support this year’s UNICEF campaign that tries to highlight road safety and promote the key measures and tools to prevent traffic accidents, contributing to the Government’s objective of halving the number of road deaths and serious injuries for children.


I have never met anyone who would willingly put the life of his or her children at risk. Still, this happens every day around us, by not using seat-belts, by carrying children on the laps of adults on the front seats of cars, sometimes even on the laps of the driver, and by avoiding to wear helmets on motorcycles. Even more shocking is the sight of infants sitting in front of motorcycle riders in the fast-moving traffic, innocent and unaware of the real danger to his or her life.


We need to wake up to this danger, and unite all our efforts to create a safer environment for our most valuable treasure – our children. Children learn by imitating the adults around them more than by listening to their words. This is why we all need to set a good example, every day and every moment! And it is easy: we must learn how to drive more slowly, be more patient, and attach every passenger with a seat-belt – every time we get into the car!




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