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Children's Day 2008

How many of  these seatbelt myths do you still believe in?

Dying to take the call?

Death in slow motion!

Correct & Incorrect Restraint of a 6-year-old Child in a Motor Vehicle Crash

Being roadsmart for school: best choices for our children

2 Things

Message by Christian Salazar-Volkmann, UNICEF Iran Representative, on the occasion of Children's Day

Message by Mahtab Keramati, UNICEF Iran Goodwill Ambassador, on the occasion of Children's Day

Road Safety Recommendations for Schools - Teachers and caretakers play a central role in educating children about traffic and road safety!

Road Safety Recommendations for Parents - Children watch and copy what adults do. Make sure you are setting a good example to them!

Road Safety Tips for Children from 7-12 years - Better safe than sorry: be an active and careful traffic participant!

Good practices from different countries



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