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Children's Day 2007

Violence against children is a reality for every country on the globe. Although it can occur everywhere and through everyone, most often children suffer from it in their most immediate environment – at school, in the midst of their families or at the homes of their friends. Violence against children can take many forms; from simple neglect to verbal abuse and physical violence.

On 8 October 2007, we are celebrating Children's Day, under the overarching title: “A World Fit for Children – A World Free of Violence”. Three central themes, used on posters and in publications, focus on neglect, verbal abuse and physical violence. They are meant to help raise awareness and appeal to everyone that deals with children to be kind to them and give them sufficient attention.

Key messages from the Representative of UNICEF in Iran and Goodwill Ambassador Mahtab Keramati further emphasize the Children's Day themes and can be used by UNICEF Iran's partners for their own campaigns. We have proposed a number of activities for schools, non-governmental organizations and the media to celebrate Children's Day in a meaningful way, highlighting good parenting skills and the need for violence-free education and disciplining of children.

Key messages

Proposed activities


Messages from three grand ayatollahs on children's day





2007 Children's Day Posters


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