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UNICEF Iran Staff Help Lebanese Children

The Chairperson of UNICEF Iran’s Staff Association, who is also chair of the Middle East and North Africa Regional Staff Association, has launched an appeal amongst staff members of UNICEF country offices to help women and children affected by the war in Lebanon. Similar initiatives have also been taken by UNICEF’s Global Staff Association which represents more than 7000 members.

 Of the reported 700,000 civilians displaced, UNICEF estimates that 45 per cent are children. Approximately 125,000 of them are now living in 587 schools and shelters and are in urgent need of water storage and tankers, improved sanitation, and health kits. However, the insecure situation especially in southern Lebanon has severely restricted UNICEF’s ability to reach the affected population outside of Beirut. UNICEF joins the rest of the UN family in its call for safe corridors for the delivery of aid to all affected children.

The money raised will go towards helping provide support for displaced or refugee children and families who are in urgent need of medical care, clean water and proper sanitation as well as help to deal with traumatic events.

UNICEF will work with its UN partners, the Red Cross, Red Crescent and others to bring this much needed relief and supplies.
UNICEF Iran is also coordinating efforts with other United Nations agencies in Iran to collect money for the unfolding crisis in Lebanon.

For more information on UNICEF activities, please log on to the global website at



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