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HIV/AIDS in Iran

Based on the most recent data published by the Center for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Medical Education (22 June 2006):

  • Adolescents constitute nearly 27% of the Iranian population or about 18 million people.
  • Total number of infected cases:  13,357
  • Estimated number of HIV/AIDS cases:  30, 000 (2004)
  • Recorded cases:  94.5%, men; 5.5%, women
  • Age group with the highest number of HIV cases:  25-34; 40.1% of all cases.

HIV cases by age group:

Routes of transmission:

  • The cumulative number of death cases to 22 June 2006:  1, 624
  • 65 VCT-Care Centers (Triangular Clinics) and 27 VCT Centers established by the Ministry of Health.
  • 48 VCT Centers established by Prison Organization
  • 29 VCT Centers established by Red Crescent
  • 220 Methadone Centers under supervision of Ministry Of Health
  • Antiretroviral treatment is provided through all VCT-Care Centers
  • The prevalence of HIV among the general population is 2/100000
  • The prevalence of HIV among blood donors is 77/1,600,000 (Data from Blood Transfusion Organization)
  • The prevalence of syphilis among pregnant women is 85/100,000
  • The prevalence of HIV among Injecting Drug Users is up to 8550/200,000



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