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The Ministry of Health and UNICEF Iran hold “All In” Consultative Workshop

The Ministry of Health and Medical Education and UNICEF Iran joined hands to organize “All in” Consultative Workshop in Tehran with the help of Tehran University of Medical Science.

A wide range of Governmental stakeholders from all relevant health and non-health sectors as well as non-governmental partners, UN agencies in Iran and particularly a group of adolescents actively participated in the workshop on 25 and 26th of November 2015.

Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Gooya, Director General and the Head of Center for Communicable Disease Control of MOHME mentioned that there is no way than investing in HIV/AIDS prevention programs for adolescents to achieve global and national goals for reversing the spread of the disease.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Christine Weigand UNICEF Iran Deputy Representative stated, “Now it is important than ever to recommit our efforts to fight against HIV/AIDS. We need to attach importance to prevention strategies and most importantly we must invest in young people, the actual leaders that can truly turn the tide of the HIV/AIDS epidemic globally. The key to success in this front is having all health and non-health sectors as well as adolescents themselves in, which is the principle of “All In” initiative."

Further Dr. Abbas Sedaghat, Head of National AIDS Programme said, “We are here to come up with realistic strategies to prevent the HIV/AIDS among young people and to make sure that adolescents have equal access to information and health care. Knowledge is power, it is time to invest in our adolescents and provide them with the needed level of information on HIV/AIDS.”

All In is a wake-up call to the world to take urgent action on prevention of HIV/AIDS among adolescents aged 10-19. This global initiative is organized by UNICEF and UNAIDS and hosted by a broad range of partners to “End the AIDS” epidemic among adolescents by 2030 in all involved countries,” Mr. Samir Anouti, UNICEF Middle East and North Africa Regional HIV/AIDS Adviser pointed out.

“Iran is the only country in the Middle East nominated as the pioneer country to launch this initiative and it is one country among 24 globally. This is because of the great achievements of the country in prevention of HIV/AIDS,” Mr. Anouti mentioned.

The workshop also provided the chance for all participants and especially a very active group of adolescents to work in groups and to express their ideas about the best ways to accelerate efforts in prevention of HIV/AIDS among adolescents.

Dr. Jihane Tawilah, WHO Representative and Dr. Fardad Doroudi UNAIDS Country Director as well as experts from other UN agencies appreciated the efforts made by the Ministry of Health in excellent coordination of this initiative and once again emphasized on the timeliness of this program and their full commitment to support the initiative.

A report on group activities and discussions will be generated at the end of this two-day workshop to be used for developing a strategy, a plan of action and the national protocol on prevention of HIV/AIDS among adolescents and young people.  




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