13 December 2018

Child Nutrition

The issue faced, Year-on-year increases in food prices continue, exceeding 50 percent. This phenomenon is making quality nutrition progressively less affordable for the most vulnerable groups in Iranian society. In January 2024, bread rations were put in place across Iran. Over 12 per cent of children under the age of six are wasted (too thin for their height),…, The impact sought, UNICEF aims to help to ensure that mother and child have access to healthy diets and quality nutrition services, boosting the health and nutrition outcomes for these groups and spurring the broader benefits which that brings. Helping to alleviate malnutrition and induce heightened well-being among these beneficiaries underpins increased resilience…, Monitoring and Accountability , In adherence to principles of accountability, UNICEF enriches its programme designs and adaptations through systematic assessment and monitoring of the child’s rights deprivations, operating environment, partnerships and progress towards planned results. The implementation of Harmonised Approach to Cash Transfers (HACT) ensures both financial and…, The actions taken, UNICEF is supporting the Government of Iran to raise universal nutrition standards. Actions to this end include: Collecting and analysing factual evidence on nutritional status of mother and child (0 – 18 years). Embedding food and nutrition surveillance mechanisms for children under five into the primary health care system. Investing in enhancing…, The partners engaged,   UNICEF partners involved in implementation of the programme in this focus area include the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.