Communication strategies for prevention of child injury

Ministry of Health and UNICEF Iran jointly hold workshop on communication strategies for prevention of child injury in Birjand

Experts of prevention of Child Injury
یونیسف ایران
04 January 2017

Birjand, 4 January - A training workshop on prevention of child injury with a focus on behavioural issues relevant to Falling, Poisoning and Burn, was hosted by Birjand Medical University, in North Khorasan province on 4th and 5th January 2017 as part of a joint cooperation between Ministry of Health and UNICEF Iran Office to improve child health and survival.

Participants from the departments of children and adolescents’ health and treatment from three Medical universities of Birjand, Gonabad and Kermanshah guided by expert facilitators engaged in three days of fruitful discussions on developing working strategies for child injury prevention taking into account the contributing factors including the community, behaviours, norms and children themselves.

Over the past decades, Iran has passed through a significant epidemiological transition, from communicable and infectious diseases which used to be the main causes of child mortality to currently non-communicable diseases. The Islamic Republic of Iran has made considerable progress in reducing under 5 mortality rate, bringing it down to 16 per 1000 live births in 2015 thanks to the successful primary health care and immunization programmes.

However, the fast rate of urbanization coupled with the expansion of roads and buildings, electrification and industrialization have all created new health risks that manifest themselves in high numbers of fatal and non-fatal injuries.

Child injuries are a growing global public health problem. Children are at greater risk of incidents and unintentional injuries for a variety of reasons. Children can move quickly and they like to explore their environments, while they have not fully developed a sense of fear, danger and similar adult cognitive skills. Today, data indicates that incidents and accidents have become the second leading cause of death in many countries worldwide.

The workshop resulted in three different working strategies for prevention of injury among children, specifically on falling, burning and poisoning. Participating medical universities will implement the strategies in their respected injury area.

More workshops are planned to be held in Tehran and 4 other provinces as part of this project.

child injury prevention

Expert facilitators conducted the three days training workshop on child injury prevention jointly organized by Ministry of Health and UNICEF in Birjand