Cities Inspire Awards Booklet 2021: Good Practices from Child-friendly cities in Iran

Good practices from four Iranian cities have been featured in the Child-friendly Cities Initiative (CFCI) ‎and Local Governance Inspire Awards Booklet 2021‎

Cities Inspire Awards 2021


Cities and communities around the world are taking steps, both big and small, towards becoming more child friendly. The Child-Friendly Cities and Local Governments Inspire Awards 2021, organized for the second time, celebrated innovative and inspiring solutions or projects that fostered child rights at the local level and improved the daily lives of children and young people in the cities and communities where they live.

Inspiring projects were submitted to the six Award categories, namely child-friendly governance; child participation; social protection and child poverty reduction; child-friendly social services; safe, clean, sustainable and child-friendly environments; and play, leisure, and family time. This booklet is not a blueprint for best practices but a celebration of commitments to child rights globally that hopefully will inspire other local governments and actors to action. Practices from 4 Iranian cities of Evaz, Isfahan, Qeshm, and Yazd have been featured in the Cities Inspire Awards Booklet 2021.

The Child-Friendly Cities Initiative is implemented in a joint cooperation between UNICEF and the Ministry of Interior in Iran.

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You can learn more about the CFCI in Iran on the CFCI Iran Global Webpage.

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