Drug Demand Reduction among Adolescents

Substance abuse is growing among adolescents worldwide



Adolescence is when high-risk and health threatening behaviours including smoking, drug and alcohol use can be at their peak. Substance abuse is associated with many adverse outcomes among adolescents such as addiction, depression, suicide, interpersonal problems with family and peers, driving-related injuries or death, and detrimental impacts on the economy of the family and society. Currently, Substance abuse is growing among adolescents worldwide.


UNICEF works with the Government and other partners to:

Enhance the capacity of relevant Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations to develop, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive evidence-based programme on prevention of substance use among adolescents.



Several thousand adolescents at high risk and their parents will have more access to comprehensive substance use preventive services, life and social skills training, education, counselling, screening and interventions.


The main partners are Iran Drug Control Headquarters, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, the State Welfare Organization and the Iranian Red Crescent Society.