Children in Judicial Proceedings

Children from all socio-economic backgrounds, across all ages, should be protected from maltreatment, exploitation and abuse.

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Children in judicial proceedings require continued special attention for providing them access to child-centred services, aftercare programmes, diversion, and alternative measures.


   UNICEF works with the Government and other partners to:      

  • Support production of resources and manuals on children in judicial proceedings.
  • Strengthen capacities of relevant professionals for application of diversion, programmes and alternative measures.
  • (Support provision of vocational training for children in Juvenile Correction and Rehabilitation Centres(JCRCs.
  • Strengthen provision of effective aftercare services and programmes for children in judicial proceedings.
  • Undertake preparatory work for establishment of child-centred judicial proceedings programmes.
  • Support national efforts to promote the best interest of children.


The justice system will have stronger capacity to deal with children in judicial proceedings, in line with national commitments. Children in judicial proceedings will have access to diversion programmes, alternative measures and aftercare services. Children in judicial proceedings will have access to child sensitive services and programmes for their care and protection against secondary victimization.


The main partners are the Judiciary, Law Enforcement Forces, Prisons Organization, and State Welfare Organization.