Adolescent HIV Prevention

UNICEF Iran provides support for the National AIDS Program led by Iran’s Ministry of Health with a focus on advocacy and system strengthening

girls holding a banner against HIV/AIDS
UNICEF Iran/Andisheh Rad


HIV infection in Iran is starting to shift from mainly injecting drug use to sexual transmission. Of particular concern is the lack of knowledge about prevention and a rise in social harms, especially among adolescents.


UNICEF works with the Government and other partners to:    

  • Assist in development of HIV/AIDS prevention and life skills initiatives with and for the most disadvantaged adolescents
  • Support the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education to expand an innovative model called "Adolescent Wellbeing Clubs" for increasing meaningful access to most at-risk adolescents to enhance their knowledge and skills as well as promote their health
  • Enhancing young people’s knowledge, skills, and attitudes on HIV/AIDS prevention


Awareness raising for HIV prevention


Through Adolescent Wellbeing Clubs, thousands of the most disadvantaged adolescents will have more access to skills, knowledge, and services that help reduce social harms.


The main partner is the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education.