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Inspired Gifts

Frequently asked questions

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What are Inspired Gifts?

UNICEF Inspired Gifts are gifts with double value: They make meaningful presents to friends and family and at the same time allow UNICEF to provide essential support to children in need.

You can choose from a wide range of life-saving and life-changing supplies such as vaccines, school supplies, medicine and toys, to find the perfect gift for any occasion, be it a birthday, wedding or anniversary.

Are Inspired Gifts ‘real’?

Yes they are. UNICEF Inspired Gifts are far more than 'virtual' gifts or ‘examples of what your money can do’ - they are tangible, life-saving and life-changing gifts that are being distributed to children and communities around the world year-round.

For example, UNICEF procures vaccines for 55 percent of the world's children - 3 billion doses a year! UNICEF is also one of the world's largest buyer of mosquito nets - over 19 million in 2008 alone!

If I select Mosquito Nets, is that what my money will be used for?

For every mosquito net you buy, we deliver one. Yet we respond to the real needs of children around the world. As a result, there may be some cases in which the Inspired Gift you have selected will be substituted with one from the same category, because there is a greater need for it. That way, you will always know which area of our work you are supporting and can feel assured that it really is helping the world’s children.

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How do the items reach the children in need?

Depending on the location, urgency and situation the items are transported by air or ship to the country where they are needed.

UNICEF makes every effort to bring life-saving and life-changing items to ‘hard to reach’ children. Whether they are in isolated communities or are living through an emergency situation, we try to be there. If that means using cars, helicopters, motorcycles, bikes, donkeys or canoes to deliver the goods – we’ll do it.

Where will my gift be sent?

The destination of your gift is determined by the immediate needs of children worldwide. Our specialist staff work in more than 150 countries and territories to monitor the situation and needs of children and define which items are most needed, when and where.

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What does the price I pay cover?

The price of your gift includes the full cost of the item itself, along with personalised acknowledgments to the person you are buying the gift for.

How can I buy Inspired Gifts?

To buy an Inspired Gift for a loved one, select your country from the list below:



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