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Innovations, lessons learned and good practices

Annual compendia of Innovations, Lessons Learned and Good Practices


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coverThe document Selected innovations and lessons learned from UNICEF Programme Cooperation 2008 features selected innovations, lessons learned and good practices from UNICEF's 2008 programme reporting, incorporating updated information as of late 2010. These 14 examples represent a few of the numerous activities UNICEF supports in over 150 countries and territories around the world. They highlight the innovative initiatives UNICEF and its country-level partners are undertaking to improve children's rights and development progress. Many of them also have pertinence for UNICEF's intensified focus on equitable development and the rights of the most depived children and families.

Disclaimer: These compilations are based on internal field reports and are not edited to official publication standards. Statements in these articles do not imply or constitute official opinions or policy positions of either the United Nations or UNICEF.


Bulgaria: The Magnificent Six – using television for fundraising (Innovation)

Malaysia: School Emergency Preparedness and Response Programme (Innovation)

Madagascar: Emergency education response – school tents using local materials (Innovation)

Somalia: Combining malaria indicators in nutritional surveys (Innovation)

Tanzania: Tanzania Socio-Economic Database (Good Practice)

Colombia: Valuing and integrating traditional culture in indigenous early childhood development programmes (Innovation)

Peru: Tracking and caring for children of HIV-positive mothers (Lessons Learned)

Morocco: Système d’information communal - a tool for communal development planning (Innovation)

Occupied Palestinian Territories: Young Researchers Project (Innovation)

India: The Facts for Life Communication Initiative (Innovation)

Nepal: Children’s Manifesto (Innovation)

DRC: Mainstreaming gender in child protection in emergencies - child-friendly spaces (innovation)

Nigeria: Community Information Boards to catalyze development results for children and women (lessons learned)

Republic of Congo: Les gestes qui sauvent/ Life Savers (innovation)




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Knowledge for Action: Emerging experiences in child-focused Social and Economic Policy

This document features 12 recent innovations and lessons learned that illustrate the range of UNICEF's work on social and economic policy. (pdf)
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