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Innovations, lessons learned and good practices

Annual compendia of Lessons Learned


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The document Selected lessons learned from UNICEF Programme Cooperation 2007 features 13 examples of innovations, lessons learned and good practices from 2007 selected from a large number of submissions from UNICEF offices across the world. These highly diverse cases provide evidence of results and illustrate wide range of UNICEF’s work in non-emergency as well as emergency situation. Each of these pieces is grouped according to: 1) type of the practice (see definitions); 2) major area; and 3) language (English or French).

Disclaimer: This compilation is based on internal field reports and is not edited to official publication standards. Statements in these articles do not imply or constitute official opinions or policy positions of either the United Nations or UNICEF.

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Child Rights Impact Assessment of potential electricity price increases (Innovation)

Central African Republic: Improving School Enrolment and Retention of Conflict-Affected Children (Lessons Learned)

Chad: Budget pour les enfants (Leçons apprises)

Congo Brazzaville: Stratégie nationale de protection des droits des peuples autochtones (Leçons apprises)

Ghana: Integrated Nutrition Action Against Malnutrition (Innovation)

Kazakhstan: Social Budgeting - Child Friendly Budgets (Lessons Learned)

Mali: Campagne nationale intégré pour la survie des enfants (Leçons apprises)

Mozambique: The Mozambican Unconditional Cash Transfer Programme, Programa Subsídio de Alimentos (Lessons Learned)

Occupied Palestinian Territory: Math and Science Kits for Palestinian children (Innovation)

Papua New Guinea: A rights based Juvenile Justice System (Lessons Learned)

Peru: Indigenous civil registrars in Amazonas – a response to social exclusion of indigenous communities (Lessons Learned)

Peru: Sustainable Human Development in the Indigenous Rio Santiago Area (Lessons Learned)

Somalia: Woman to Woman Initiative on HIV (Innovation)




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2008 Compendium

Selected lessons learned from UNICEF Programme Cooperation 2008 [PDF]

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