06 December 2019

Prokura Innovations: Locally produced low-cost drones for medical delivery in Nepal

Nepal is home to the world's highest peaks, it also has difficult landscapes with mountainous terrains. Due to poor road infrastructure in rural regions crucial medication especially during emergencies often fails to reach healthcare posts in time. In some cases, people have to travel for days to receive the appropriate healthcare, yet some health…, FRONTIER TECHNOLOGY , To date, medical delivery drones have not been implemented in Nepal. Most of the drone services focus on taking videos/photographs and mapping services. We intend to change this by using drone technology to increase access to health services. Our team builds intelligent drones that are able to navigate surroundings, travel greater distances with…, ON BEING OPEN SOURCE , Open-source solutions leverage the power of the collective -- by allowing solutions to be shared freely and widely. It also fosters regular improvements in a solution as others are able to build upon the tools we’re developing. team offsite, TEAM , Prokura Innovation was founded by engineering students passionate about solving problems using smarter machines. Our team consists of people from different regions of Nepal, some team members come from plainer regions prone to natural disasters like floods while other members hail from mountainous terrains, allowing us to put diverse perspectives…, WAY AHEAD, We are very excited to be a part of UNICEF’s Innovation Fund’s cohort of startups working in drone/UAV technology. Working together with like minded people drives us to work harder and achieve more together.