U-Report listens to the voice of Bolivian teenagers and youth

U-Report Bolivia

Carola Andrade Lizarro
Young boys and girls in Bolivia showcasing phones with U-Report
UNICEF Bolivia
18 September 2019

Last Friday 4th of June, Bolivia joined to the U-Report global initiative with a simultaneous launch in the cities of La Paz and Cochabamba. Different urban tribes of young people gathered in both cities to celebrate the launch of the platform that allows them to express their opinions and actively participate in the topics that matter to them.

The launch was hosted by famous Youtubers and a young girl who went to a NASA boot camp, so they could engage U Report with the people who admire them.

“For UNICEF Bolivia, it’s time to bet on youth”, said Sunah Kim, UNICEF representative who addressed the needs to listen the voices of youth to build the society with them for an effective policy making. Folkloric dances, cosplays interventions and theater exhibitions were part of the presentations and different group of teenagers were present in the event to be part of U-Report.   

Bolivia is the 54th country to use this platform and the seventh in Latin America. In a couple of days, U-Report reached almost 1000 U-Reporters.