The Boost Token

Boosting efforts that make the world a better place

Chistina Lomazzo, Blockchain Lead, UNICEF Innovation
Guy drawing his idea on paper
UNICEF kazakhstan
11 February 2019

UNICEF France, in collaboration with the Bounties Network and UNICEF Ventures, is launching the Boost Token, a prototype of a positive action token project at ETHDenver. This pilot is designed to encourage hackathon attendees to participate in a variety of bounties across the two days and make a positive impact within their community - both in the local and broader ecosystem.

The Boost Token is part of a much wider project that will continue across UNICEF Ventures events throughout 2019. The main focus of this initiative is long term incentivization of individual contributions to improving communities locally and globally while accruing a digital public acknowledgment of their positive actions.

The decision to launch the project at ETHDenver was influenced by two major factors:
a) it kick starts the Ethereum event calendar for 2019
b) the event’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity

As this year marks the kickstart of the Impact Track at ETHDenver, we are excited to present the Boost Token (BST) to a varied and exciting audience made up of developers, designers, cypher punks, artists, musicians and many other buidlers.

UNICEF Drone Testing Corridor in Kazakhstan
UNICEF Innovation

What is Boost Token?

The name for the token was chosen through a bounty as we wanted to involve the community from the very beginning. We will also setup a design bounty, paying out in BST, to crowdsource a logo illustrating the meaning and mission of our initiative.

Properly digitally engaged individuals make vibrant and sustainable communities. This token-based project seeks to incentivize members to create digital public goods by contributing to the blockchain community in a variety of ways. These contributions can enable new solutions to be created, giving individuals access to new data or services that couldn’t be accessed before.

Through blockchain-based bounties, people have the opportunity to propose and get involved with public good initiatives. The bounties will have rewards set in BST which will be redeemable for a range of benefits. The tokens do not have any monetary value, and will never appear on any token exchanges.

The project seeks to encourage individuals and communities to contribute to the fulfillment of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to earn tokens, which will grant recipients value-driven benefits such as early access to events, mentorship sessions, incubator-style support and more.

At ETHDenver, the exploration of incentivization will be broader than digital contributions, allowing participants to earn tokens by recording various verifiable acts of impact. Tokens can be earned through activities like mentoring youth, building software that focuses on solving a UN SDG, or other activities that make a positive impact, such as cleaning up rubbish or helping someone carry boxes.

The ultimate goal of this ongoing UNICEF x Bounties Network project is to stimulate individual contributions to improving communities locally and globally while accruing a digital public acknowledgement of their positive actions.

How Does it Work

Earn tokens by:

  • Completing impact bounties
  • Being rewarded for an act that makes a positive impact
  • Participating in impact tracks at events

What to redeem tokens for?

Use tokens for:

  • Mentorship access
  • Qualifying for future incubator tracks
  • Early-bird access to certain events

Together we can give our communities a boost.