Tackling challenges female startup founders face

UNICEF Innovation Fund Smart Investing: Master Class Series

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At its core, the UNICEF Innovation Fund is designed to work with -- and provide solutions for -- traditionally underserved markets and people. 2 years in, we've honored this commitment in geography, subject matter, and technology. But in creating a diverse group of founders to support? There, we've fallen short.

In 2019, we are going to fix this -- we’ll support more women-led companies; continue to champion equal representation within the start-ups we fund, and hold the Innovation Fund team at UNICEF to this same standard. In short, we’ve been failing to invest smartly, and this will change.

As part of these efforts, we are launching a monthly series of online master classes that tackle challenges female startup founders face while celebrating the experience and expertise of accomplished women across geographies and industries.

This master class brings to the fore a group of role models in the venture and tech spaces, speaks to the experience of many women entrepreneurs to have to shrink to fit criteria set for traditionally male-dominated spaces, and provides strategies for early-stage entrepreneurs to lead and grow their business to the next stage.

At the same time, the master classes will allow us to build a community and create a conversation that will allow us to reach more female founders from emerging and developing markets working on frontier tech solutions to receive investment from the UNICEF Innovation Fund.

Smart Investing: Master Classes 

Master Class 1: Alisee de Tonnac, CEO of Seedstars | How to access that very first investment. 

Alisee shares insights to:

Why is investing in female-led companies smart?
What do investors look for in a company?
How can you best position yourself to access early investments?

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Master Class 2: Jennifer Petriglieri, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD.

Jennifer will tackle common myths associated with female leadership such as..

  • Is it true that women lead differently to men? 
  • How can you play to your strengths in your leadership style?

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    Master Class 3: Ethel Cofie | entrepreneur & CEO of EDEL Technology Consulting, named one of the Top 5 Women influencing IT in Africa, and Founder of Women in Tech Africa.

    Ethel tackles how to deal with risk, uncertainty & fear of failure as a female entrepreneur in Africa and shares her journey. 

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    Master Class 4: Patricia Hansen and Paula Enei | Startup Chile

    • How are women creating new female-focused ecosystems instead of leveling the existing ones?
    • How can entrepreneurs leverage them?

    Patricia Hansen and Paula Enei join Smart Investing sharing their experience of building a startup ecosystem at Startup Chile -an accelerator that enables diverse and female-founded startups to grow.

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