Real time information - RapidPro

Gathering accurate real-time information on vital areas such as health, nutrition, education and child protection.

Two adults looking at mobile sending real time info

To reach the hardest-to-reach children and those most in need, we need to know where, when and how to act.

That means establishing innovative partnerships among UNICEF, governments and the private sector that facilitate access to various data and contribute the skills needed to interpret massive data sets. Given the emergence of new infectious diseases, health partners in particular will need to work across sectors to effectively use and apply health data to save and improve lives. We also know that including the voices of affected people is critical to designing effective and predictive responses.  

The ability to access credible, up-to-date information about the situation of children is key to improving their lives and protecting their rights. UNICEF and partners use RapidPro, a free, SMS-based, mobile health monitoring tool, to gather accurate real-time information on vital areas such as health, nutrition, education and child protection—even in remote and hard-to-reach places—and use that data to reach those most in need. The technology allows users to design, pilot and scale direct mobile outreach services without the help of a software developer.

Now in use in 51 countries, RapidPro can reach even more people by integrating with popular channels, including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, What’sApp and Viber. With easier access through these everyday channels, expectant mothers in Mexico can get essential health information and young people in Malawi can access free counselling advice. Some 3.3 million frontline workers and programme managers in 40 countries use the RapidPro platform to power real-time information exchanges. These exchanges help to coordinate cash assistance programmes; monitor water, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition interventions; and communicate early warning messages to communities. The possibilities are endless.