UNICEF hiring blockchain developer, analyst and writer.

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The UNICEF Blockchain Team
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02 August 2019

UNICEF is increasing its blockchain capacity dramatically over the coming weeks.  We would like your help in identifying amazing people to join our team as we work on understanding the potential of this new technology to solve problems facing children and young people around the world. 

Specifically, we're looking for:

1) A full-stack blockchain developer who will work with a cross-functional team to build applications to help solve large challenges. This person should have some blockchain experience, but more importantly, should be familiar with building intuitive user interfaces for diverse user groups. They should also understand the particular considerations of building web3 applications (managing private keys, network latency, transaction costs, etc.). You can find more on the role here.

2) Someone with experience in humanitarian cash transfers and the digital technologies/ledgers that can monitor and power them. This role was created to help UNICEF better understand how it can improve the effectiveness and impact of humanitarian cash transfers through the use of distributed ledger technology, including blockchain or any relevant cryptocurrencies in order to have a bigger, faster and more cost-effective impact on the lives of poor people. You can find more on the role here. 

3) Someone who can examine questions of blockchain and data storage and security (think: PII, health data, analytics and ML of public chains, and more...). Ultimately, this person will write a paper that is intended to provide easily accessible information for UNICEF program staff and partners working with administrative data on what blockchain is, potential use cases and risks, and a general approach to evaluating data storage and transmission technologies for application in admin data systems as these evolve. You can find more on the role here.

Interested to know a bit more about what UNICEF has been working on related to blockchain? Here is a quick sample of some of our current projects: 

  • Project Connect: leveraging Ethereum to bring internet connectivity to schools in a fair and transparent way. More here and here. 
  • The Atrium: an interagency UN platform that allows the sharing of blockchain apps, and the underlying infrastructure to test the apps on. More here.
  • Boost Token: a way to incentive the creation of digital public goods. More here, and here. 
  • And so much more. Check it out.