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Elizabeth Gore

Elizabeth Gore at work

Elizabeth Gore is simplifying the UN for you.

With a career that has involved transforming complex issues like malaria prevention or supplemental vaccine campaigns into something that can be digested by mass media, she’s perfectly set up to introduce cutting-edge entrepreneurs to the byzantine depths of some of the world’s largest beaurocracies.

Elizabeth now leads the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneur Council, a group of notable change makers, like Warby Parker Co-Founder Neil Blumenthal and Global Health Corps Co-Founder Barbara Bush, who each serve for two-year terms. In 2014, the group is applying their skills in a number of concrete ways to influence change, such as My World 2015 or through collaboration with local entrepreneurs to find sustainable solutions whose size can vary according to the problem at hand.

She believes that only through a collaboration of different types of minds, who might otherwise not even venture down the hallways of policy change and ‘acronymification,’ can we start to rethink old problems in new ways.

WATCH Elizabeth as she creates new modes of collaboration and connects people and systems for greater impact.

(Photo courtesy: Michael Muller, UN Foundation)


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