Identifying new markets and solutions

Opportunities in a rapidly urbanizing world

child playing in the playground

Cities are home to more than half of the global population and generate more than 80 per cent of global gross domestic product. UNICEF and our partners on the ground need innovative solutions to some of the key barriers we face in a rapidly urbanizing world – such as strained and overburdened infrastructure, inadequate data availability and accessibility of critical information and services for the most vulnerable urban communities.

While many of UNICEF’s achievements in implementing technologies at scale for positive social impact have focused on the public sector, there are tremendous opportunities for contributing to the corporate bottom line while delivering essential services for disadvantaged communities. Through its urban innovation portfolio, UNICEF is working with partners to identify on the ground needs, alongside new markets and solutions to address the challenges and capitalize on the many opportunities that urbanization also brings. We inform actionable strategies to introduce technology products and services through country office support, private sector partnership development and research and knowledge sharing.