Unlocking learning: The scale-up of EdTech

Supporting learners in schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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In Bosnia and Herzegovina, foreign language acquisition is an important component of education. Nonetheless, outdated teaching methods, materials and resources frequently hamper students’ motivation and engagement with learning in foreign language lessons. As a result, a considerable share of students fails to meet foreign language learning goals established by cantonal curricula upon completing secondary education.

The Akelius Digital Learning Application (Akelius app) provides opportunities to accelerate foreign language acquisition in a gamified learning environment. With the right conditions, teachers can incorporate the app as part of their teaching to meet curriculum goals while enhancing students’ motivation.

To support the scale-up of the Akelius app across elementary schools in Una-Sana Canton (Bosnia and Herzegovina), led by its Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport (MoE), this report provides evidence and key recommendations for an effective and equitable scale-up.

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Joaquín Cárceles Martínez-Lozano, Sanja Kabil and Adin Skalonja
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