Impact Evaluation of the Child Grant (0-2 years)

Subcomponent of the Basic Social Subsidy Programme in Nampula Province in Mozambique 2019-2021

Impact Evaluation of the Child Grant (0-2 years)


As part of the operationalization of the National Social Security Strategy 2016-2024 (ENSSB II), Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Action (MGCAS) revised the social assistance programs, including the Basic Social Subsidy Programme (PSSB), introducing two new components, namely the Child Grant and the Disability Grant. The Child Grant comprises three subcomponents; for children aged 0 to 2 years old, orphaned children living in poor and vulnerable households, and a grant for child-headed households.

This impact evaluation provides concrete evidence of the beneficial impacts of the Child Grant 0-2 implementation, applying an approach of cash plus case management for children, caregivers and families.

The results found at all levels assessed (target child level, household level, caregiver level, and other child levels) are solid in demonstrating that the Child Grant 0-2 has achieved its objectives and these are aligned with the objectives of the PSSB and even more aligned with the objectives set out in the ENSSB II.

Impact Evaluation of the Child Grant (0-2 years)
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