Annual Report 2021

UNICEF Innocenti – Global Office of Research and Foresight

Displaced children at the Dar Es Salam refugee camp, Chad.


UNICEF Innocenti’s Annual Report 2021 highlights the key results achieved by the office in research generation, research facilitation, knowledge management and ethics in evidence, and convening and thought leadership.

In 2021 UNICEF Innocenti produced more than 100 research publications, which were cited in 331 policy documents across the globe. UNICEF Innocenti also expanded its scope of work by amplifying children’s voices, opinions, and experiences, exploring emerging research areas, and producing fresh and innovative reports.

The office continued to focus much of its research on at-risk populations including girls, migrants, refugees and children with disabilities; on the impact of the COVID pandemic on children; and on established areas of research such as social and economic policy, learning and education and child protection, as well as emerging areas including online safety, blended learning and mental health.

While continuing to generate high quality global reports on such themes as learning losses and social spending for children, UNICEF Innocenti enhanced its support to national and regional programming through implementation research, scaling science, behavioural sciences and systems strengthening analysis.

More than ever, there was growth in the proportions of research on the Global South, increased work, collaboration, and engagement with other UN agencies, and with other UNICEF offices in every region.

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