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'RapidSMS' and mobile apps create waves of change in the fight against HIV and AIDS in Zambia
MAZABUKA, Zambia, 10 August 2012 – In a cubicle at Nameembo Rural Health Clinic in southern Zambia, Gloria Moonga quietly holds her six-week-old son Issac Simooya. Nurse Eklina Chibenga pricks the infant’s tiny toe to collect five dime-sized circles of blood onto a sheet of paper.

Podcast #61: The power of youth - celebrating International Youth Day
NEW YORK, USA, 06 August 2012 – The number of young people globally has never been higher. According to the United Nation’s Population Fund (UNFPA), there are 1.8 billion young people in the world today. For most of them, life is not easy. About half of young people survive on less than $2 a day, millions are out of school and many more face unemployment.

UNICEF and partner awarded for Programme Mwana, programme using SMS messages to deliver HIV test results
NEW YORK, USA, 19 July 2012 – A leading US design organization has honored UNICEF and frog, a partner organization, with awards for an innovative programme that speeds the delivery of HIV information and reminds patients about clinic appointments.

Zambian youth chosen to be torchbearer in the 2012 London Olympic Games
LUSAKA, Zambia, 29 June 2012 – A Zambian child, through the UNICEF-supported International Inspiration programme, has been selected as one of the 8,000 torchbearers at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Media workshops empower youth to address climate change in Zambia
LUSAKA, Zambia, 8 December 2011 – To 17-year-old Msonda Chibwana from Lusaka, climate change is not just a topic for debate; it is a reality that has affected his family’s livelihood and taken food from their table.

Ahead of World AIDS day, UNICEF marks the progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS
NEW YORK, United States, 23 November 2011- A radiant smile lights up Agness Chabu’s face as she cuddles Lackson, her 23-month-old son at home in Zambia. Agnes has good reason to feel joyful. She and her son have gone through many months of care to protect the little boy from mother-to-child HIV transmission during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. Now, health workers have confirmed that Lackson is free of the virus.

Cash transfers provide social protection to Zambia's most vulnerable families
LIVINGSTONE, Zambia, 1 August 2011 – The spectacular Victoria Falls, on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, draws thousands of tourists from around the world every year. Nearby, but a world away from the luxury hotels, lies Muntumuswana village one of the places where the Zambian Government, UNICEF and other partners are making inroads against the intergenerational cycle of poverty by providing cash transfers to vulnerable families.

In Zambia, an HIV testing and treatment programme protects children's lives
NEW YORK, USA, 6 May 2011- Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates in countries around the world, most commonly the second Sunday in May. But wherever and whenever it is observed, the day pays tribute to a universal form of devotion: a mother’s love and sacrifice for her children. Here is one example of that devotion in action.

Mother-Baby Pack launched to help prevent HIV transmission in Zambia
LUSAKA, Zambia, 3 February 2011 – Two years ago, Rodah Banda had to make the biggest decision in her life – whether to terminate her pregnancy or leave her husband, who threatened to end their marriage if she enrolled in a programme designed to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

In Zambia, 'Unite for Climate' youth ambassadors raise environmental awareness
MONGU, Zambia, 2 December 2010 – “I see more disasters such as floods if the current climate change trends do not change. Floods continue destroying schools [and] increasing levels of illiteracy as children drop out of school,” said Unite for Climate Zambia Ambassador Tambudzai Mutale, 17, in a recent podcast.

In Zambia, expanding services and a 'Mother-Baby Pack' work to reduce HIV among children
MANSA, Zambia 16 September 2010 – The birth of a child is a huge celebration in Zambia and across Africa – as the saying goes, it’s ‘a mother’s joy.’ But when a woman is living with HIV, pregnancy can also be an enormous challenge.

Media initiative brings Zambian youth to the front-line of climate crisis
LUSAKA, Zambia, 27 August 2010 – When Daniel Sichinga, 16, recently gathered a group of young Zambian Climate Ambassadors to record a radio talk show, he asked one guest, 17-year-old Tendai Nyirenda, about a burning issue in her community: climate change.

Vaccination campaign conducted in response to resurgence of measles in Zambia
LUSAKA, Zambia, 26 July 2010 – In the Matero neighbourhood here in the Zambian capital last week, three-year-old Kaseko led her Aunt Sarah by the hand to the health clinic. Once there, they joined the long queue of mothers and crying babies.

Young fans see FIFA World Cup 2010 on the big screen in remote Zambian villages
NAMUSHAKA, Zambia, 2 July 2010 – More than 600 km from Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, the local school’s sandy football pitch is being converted to a soccer fan park. Football fever is hitting even the most remote villages in Africa as the FIFA World Cup is played for the first time on the continent.

As FIFA World Cup 2010 kicks off, Zambian youth journalists speak out
MONGU, Zambia, 11 June 2010 – For Inonge Sitali, 14, a radio dialogue with peers about the FIFA World Cup 2010 – which kicked off today in South Africa – is more than a casual conversation. It is an opportunity to discuss important gender issues in her local community of Mongu, in western Zambia.

Zambian youth delegates confront climate crisis
LUSAKA, Zambia, 3 May 2010 – Luyando Katenda is just 14 years old, but he already speaks like an elder statesman. His platform is climate change, and here in Zambia, he is fast becoming one of the country’s foremost ambassadors on the issue.

Youth delegates at Zambian climate conference take lessons home to their communities
LUSAKA, Zambia, 28 April 2010 – Nearly 200 children from all of Zambia’s nine provinces are heading back to their hometowns after attending the country’s first Children’s Climate Conference in Lusaka this week.

Executive Director visit to Zambia focuses on impact of HIV and AIDS
LUSAKA, Zambia, 9 April 2010 – On a two-day trip to Zambia, UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman advocated for greater HIV and AIDS awareness and for scaling up voluntary testing.

Local children take field trip to UNICEF’s offices in Zambia
LUSAKA, Zambia, 4 March 2010 – For Little Mukali, a seventh grader at Kabulonga Basic School in Lusaka, the visit to UNICEF was an opportunity he had long been waiting for.

Zambia’s Child Health Week presented a unique opportunity to improve children’s survival
LUSAKA, Zambia, 05 January 2010 – With support from the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) and UNICEF, Zambia’s Child Health Week took place this past December. Its goal was to reach more than 2.3 million children with critical healthcare interventions.

Readying young minds to fight cholera through better hygiene in Zambia
LUSAKA, Zambia, 5 November 2009 – The rainy season has returned in Zambia, bringing with it the threat of cholera, a preventable waterborne disease that sickens thousands here every year.

‘Beyond School Books’ – a podcast series on education in emergencies
NEW YORK, USA, 3 November 2009 – Too often around the world, in countries affected by conflict, violence and poverty, education is denied at the most basic level.

UNICEF Zambia Child Ambassadors comfort their peers through service project
LUSAKA, Zambia, 25 September 2009 – Earlier this month, several UNICEF Child Ambassadors took time to spend an afternoon with children at the Zambian-Italian Orthopaedic Hospital in Lusaka. During the visit, the ambassadors interacted with their hospitalized peers by reading to them from locally published storybooks.

Zambia’s Child Health Week reaches out to over 2 million with life-saving interventions
M’TENDERE, Zambia, 28 July 2009 – With their young children wrapped in blankets and winter caps to protect them from the Southern Hemisphere's cold season, hundreds of Zambian mothers queued for hours one recent morning, waiting for lifesaving, free health care during the opening day of Zambia’s Child Health Week.

Changing behaviour to prevent HIV and AIDS in Zambia
LUSAKA, Zambia, 5 May 2009 – Zambia has one of the highest HIV rates in the world. Over 1 million Zambians carry the virus, and more than 150,000 Zambians between the ages of 15 and 24 are living with HIV.

UNICEF Child Ambassadors lead tree-planting project in Zambia
LUSAKA, Zambia, 17 March 2009 – In support of the Millennium Development Goals, UNICEF Zambia’s Child Ambassadors recently led a group of schoolchildren in planting hundreds of trees at the Beit Cure Children’s Hospital here in the Zambian capital.

Cholera outbreaks raise concern in nine Southern African countries
NEW YORK, USA, 10 March 2009 – With the peak of the rainy season already months past, cholera remains a problem for the governments of nine Southern African countries.

Zambia launches campaign to promote exclusive breastfeeding
LUSAKA, Zambia, 19 February 2009 – At the launch of the Government of Zambia’s new advocacy campaign for infant and young child feeding, the country’s Minister of Health had a clear message for every mother: exclusively breastfeed your newborn for the child’s first six months of life.

UNICEF Zambia appoints its first Child Ambassadors
LUSAKA, Zambia, 2 January 2009 – Making a strong commitment to the importance of involving children in its work and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF Zambia has appointed its first Child Ambassadors.

Digital Diarist Chinyanta Chimba on HIV prevention in Zambia
LUSAKA, Zambia, 10 September 2008 – Zambia has one of the highest HIV rates in the world. Over 1 million Zambians carry the virus, and one in 10 Zambians between the ages of 15 and 25 are living with HIV.

Helping students in Zambia get to school safely
CHOMBA, Zambia, 13 August 2008 – Students in Zambia face many challenges when it comes to getting an education. Early marriage, access to safe drinking water and lack of proper sanitation facilities are just a few of these obstacles, according to UNICEF Zambia Representative Lotta Sylwander.

Documentary on Zambian women honoured at Jackson Hole Film Festival
NEW YORK, USA, June 25, 2008 – ‘Where the Water Meets the Sky’, the first documentary film from the Campaign for Female Education (Camfed), was honoured with the ‘Best Global Insight’ award last week at the Jackson Hole Film Festival in Wyoming.

Zambia’s national health indicators improve markedly
NEW YORK, USA, 28 May 2008 – Some good news out of Zambia: The country’s newest demographic and health survey shows that the sub-Saharan African nation of 12 million people has reduced its maternal and child mortality and HIV prevalence rates.

A unique expedition fights malaria in six countries along the Zambezi River
ZAMBEZI RIVER, Zambia, 24 April 2008 – Patricia Mobuku’s 10 children are lucky to be alive. Living beside the Zambezi River, the children have always been plagued by malaria.

Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV in rural Zambia
LUAPULA PROVINCE, Zambia, 16 April 2008 – For the past eight months, 34-year-old Regina, a mother in Zambia’s Luapula Province, has been waiting anxiously for the final test results that will decide her daughter’s future. It is possible that her child may have HIV.

Children are the best teachers in Zambia’s drive for better hygiene
CHOMA DISTRICT, Zambia, 19 March 2008 – Miyoba Milton is a big man with a big job – Headmaster at the Government Basic School in Choma. He is responsible for approximately 600 pupils and just over a dozen teachers. His authority is tempered with humility and enthusiasm. 

Mobile testing and treatment fight HIV/AIDS in Zambia’s Mpika District
MPIKA, Zambia, 11 March 2008 – One in five pregnant women in Zambia is HIV-positive. It is a heart-stopping figure, but it also explains the increasing rates of paediatric HIV that doctors are facing in hospitals and clinics across the country.

Zambia’s far-reaching measles campaign declared a success
NEW YORK, 31 October 2007 – In a breakthrough for the fight to curb measles in Zambia, more than 2.1 million children under the age of five were recently immunized against the disease during the country’s latest national measles campaign.

Chinyanta’s Digital Diary: A Zambian teen fights for child rights and gender equality
NEW YORK, USA, 6 June 2007 – Chinyanta Chimba has a lot of energy. At her school in Lusaka, Zambia, she’s active in the Student Alliance for Female Education, which advocates for the rights of girls. She also travels around the world, speaking about children’s rights.

UNICEF provides school supplies to 60,000 children in flood-affected areas of Zambia
LUSAKA, Zambia, 8 May 2007 – To help respond to humanitarian needs in flood-affected areas of Zambia, UNICEF has turned over 640 ‘School-in-a-Box’ kits to the country’s Ministry of Education. The kits will provide educational supplies to more than 60,000 children and 1,000 teachers in six provinces.

UNICEF presents awards to youth radio producers in Mexico and Zambia
NEW YORK, USA, 11 April 2007 – UNICEF has presented prizes to the first-place winners in a youth media competition organized in cooperation with OneWorld Radio.

First Lady of Zambia: Clean water gets girls into school
NEW YORK, 7 February 2005 - The First Lady of Zambia, Maureen Mwanawasa, has founded a non-governmental organization in order to help improve conditions for children and women in her home country.




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