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At a glance: United States of America

Calle 13 lend their voices to the fight against human trafficking

By Priyanka Pruthi

NEW YORK, USA, 22 November 2011 – They broke records at the Latin American Grammy’s last week by sweeping 9 awards in a night , and now Calle 13 are breaking new ground with a campaign against human trafficking and exploitation.

VIDEO: UNICEF correspondent Priyanka Pruthi reports on the launch of the MTV Exit Campaign against human trafficking featuring Grammy-Award winning band Calle 13.  Watch in RealPlayer


Calle 13, UNICEF, MTV Latin America and Tr3s launched the ‘MTV Exit’ campaign at the UNICEF Headquarters in New York. The multimedia campaign aims to raise awareness and ignite conversations about human trafficking amongst the youth in Latin America and Hispanic communities in the United States. 

Lured by the false promises of a better life and exciting opportunities, more than 500,000 children in Latin America have been trafficked. Today, in Latin America is the primary source region for people trafficked into the United States.

VIDEO: Trailer for “Invisible Slaves”, a documentary hosted by Calle 13 for MTV Exit’s Campaign against Human Trafficking and exploitation. The documentary will be aired at Tr3s & MTV Latin America on November 29th.  Watch in RealPlayer


“Invisible Slaves”

Calle 13 have hosted a powerful documentary called “Invisible Slaves” that amplifies the message against modern day slavery as part of the campaign. The film puts face and voice to the disturbing experiences of young Latin Americans who have been affected by trafficking through first-hand interviews. The dynamic duo also donated the rights of “Preparame la Cena”, a song from their most recent award-winning album Entren los que Quieran, for the music video for the campaign.

“When I learnt about what was happening to the children, it affected me personally because I am a father and as a parent I want the best for my daughter, said band member Eduardo Cabra. “We were really touched…and so, here we are - spreading the word, trying to capitalize on the work we have done, in order to support this fantastic campaign and condemn the things that are wrong.”

© UNICEF/NYHQ2011-1825/Susan Markisz
Calle 13 lead singer René Pérez Joglar speaks at the launch of the MTV Exit campaign against human trafficking and exploitation in New York City. Beside him is UNICEF Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Director, Bernt Aasen.

The documentary and music video will air on Tr3s and MTV Latin America on November 29th. The campaign will expand in Latin America through television shows, interactive online content, and local events and activities involving children and adolescents.

Messages for the youth

“MTV and Calle 13 are cultural references for all young people throughout Latin America and we believe that through this new partnership, we will be able to reach millions of young people with information and messages about all the risks involved in being a young person on the move,” said Bernt Aasen, UNICEF Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Director.  “ Behind each case of a young person being trafficked, there is a distinct story but very often these stories begin with poverty, discrimination, abuse, domestic violence and too few opportunities to conclude a meaningful education.”

Today, human trafficking is the third most profitable criminal activity in the world after illegal drugs and arms trade, generating over 16 billion dollars in revenue annually. But with the charisma and commitment of Calle 13, and their direct connection with youth, UNICEF and MTV are hoping to build channels for communication that will create a long lasting impact on the situation.



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