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Darfur - UNICEF in action

© UNICEF Sudan/2007/Georgina Cranston
Two girls pause during their studies in a UNICEF-supported school in rural North Darfur.

UNICEF works in all three states of Darfur, providing both humanitarian services for women and children affected by the conflict and supporting community development in areas where security conditions permit.

Programmes reach out to both conflict-affected and other communities, to ensure that all women and children have access to basic services in the areas of education, health, nutrition, water and sanitation, and protection of their rights. UNICEF works with partners in areas under the control of the government and areas controlled by non-signatories to the Darfur Peace Agreement.

Latest results for children in 2008:

Highlights of UNICEF-supported activities in Darfur in the first six months of 2008 have included:

  • Immunization of 1.6 million children against polio.
  • Immunization of more than 886,000 children against diseases including measles, diphtheria and tuberculosis through routine immunization activities.
  • Provision of primary health care supplies benefiting up to 2 million people.
  • Distribution of 238,760 long lasting insecticide-treated bed nets to protect against malaria.
  • Provision of nutritional supplies and technical assistance benefiting more than 23,000 children suffering from malnutrition in Therapeutic and Supplementary Feeding programmes.
  • Provision of vitamin A supplements to more than 1 million children under the age of five.
  • Supporting provision of clean water to more 174,000 additional people since January.
  • Supporting provision of sanitation to more than 43,000 additional people since January.
  • Dissemination of hygiene promotion information and awareness materials to over 1 million people.
  • Delivery of school supplies to nearly 500,000 children. 
  • Provision of training for more than 1,750 salaried and volunteer teachers.
  • Construction or repair of 970 additional classrooms.
  • Provision of information and awareness raising on prevention of HIV and AIDS to more than 500,000 young people.
  • Provision of psychosocial support and recreational activities to more than 120,000 internally displaced children and young people through community-based child friendly centres.
  • The provision of Mine Risk Education messages to more than 45,000 people in South and North Darfur.



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