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South Sudan, Republic of


South Sudan: How solar power fridges are helping save lives in world's least electrified country
AKOBO, South Sudan, 31 January 2018 – Vaccines save lives, but to be effective they need to be kept cool. In South Sudan, the least electrified country in the world, temperatures frequently exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Solar-powered refrigerators offer a solution, but fighting and hazardous roads mean transporting and installing them is anything but straightforward.

Making childbirth safer in South Sudan
AWEIL, South Sudan, 9 November 2017 – Arek Yel Deng had given birth before but she had never experienced such pain. Her labour lasted a week and the pain was so severe she thought she was going to die.

New school, new future in South Sudan
RUMBEK, South Sudan, 3 October 2017 – David Sawat Manyang sits at his desk in his new classroom, looking intently at his notebook as his forehead crinkles into a frown. He’s in his mathematics class – his favourite subject – and he wants to do well.

Clean water changes lives in a town in South Sudan
BENTIU, South Sudan, 5 September 2017 – Imagine having to fetch water from a river every day and it taking more than an hour each time. Now imagine having to do that using a wheelchair.

Mobilizing communities to fight a severe cholera outbreak in South Sudan
Kapoeta, South Sudan, 15 August 2017 – It started around 6 p.m. one evening, shortly after supper. Regina Lotem had been warned about it for weeks and even though she tried to prevent it, she knew it might happen. Her five-year-old son Juma had been vomiting and had severe diarrhoea for several hours. If not treated properly, she knew his life could be at risk.

Fighting famine in Aweil, South Sudan, as acute malnutrition rates continue to rise
AWEIL, South Sudan, 22 June 2017 – More than a hundred South Sudanese women, dressed in colourful flowing dresses, sit with their children and new born babies. Some have walked days through the burning heat to get to the only health clinic in Aweil North County, Northern Bar el Ghazal State that borders Sudan.

Averting famine and saving lives in South Sudan
AWEIL STATE, South Sudan, 21 March 2017 – In South Sudan, an estimated one million people are on the brink of starvation. Iman Diing’s baby daughter Alakii is one of them.

Nyankena’s story: Fighting malnutrition and hoping for a peaceful future in South Sudan
JUBA, South Sudan, 13 March 2017 – Inside a Protection of Civilians (POC) site in Juba, South Sudan, several mothers sit closely in a group with their children at their sides.

In South Sudan, child malnutrition worsens as conflict hinders response
JUBA, South Sudan, 4 August 2016 – Before the fighting that shook South Sudan’s capital of Juba last month, staff at the Al Sabah children’s hospital were admitting about 30 children a day for the treatment of malnutrition. Today that number often surpasses 80.

Supporting children distressed by fighting in South Sudan
JUBA, South Sudan, 21 July 2016 – In the battle-scarred capital of South Sudan, children who should be playing are instead worrying about the future and asking when it will be safe to go home again.

“Camps have become a way of life” for families fleeing violence in South Sudan
JUBA, South Sudan, 15 July 2016 – Thousands of people continue to live in United Nations displacement sites in Juba, South Sudan, after fleeing intense battles that first erupted in the city a week ago today. Despite a ceasefire that continues to hold, many are still too frightened to return home.

Escaping violence in South Sudan: Lives uprooted, families torn apart
WAU, South Sudan, 6 July 2016 – When they heard the gunfire they knew they had to run. One fled alone, another with her brothers and another with his children and grandchildren.

In South Sudan, a bumpy start to a joyful family reunion
BOR, South Sudan, 18 April 2016 – As the plane lurches forward, so does Changkuoth. Nothing could have prepared him for this journey. Sure, it is his first time flying, but it’s also what – or who – awaits him at his final destination. Two years after their family was torn apart by conflict, 13-year-old Changkuoth and his siblings will be reunited with their parents.

Children resume exams in South Sudan
BENTIU, South Sudan, 22 February 2016 – For children all over the world, exams can bring dread. But for a small group of students seeking shelter in South Sudan’s largest displacement camp, it’s a time of great excitement.

Giving up guns to tend goats gives children hope in South Sudan
PIBOR, South Sudan, 11 February 2016 – His days were once spent on exhausting treks through the bush, armed and poised for danger, never straying far from the commander whose life he was charged with protecting. He had risen through the ranks of Cobra Faction, an armed group caught up in fighting that predates South Sudan’s current conflict, a cook and dishwasher become bodyguard.

In South Sudan, clean water at last
BENTIU, South Sudan, 24 September 2015 –The two Moses baskets that lie side by side in the corner of Mary’s sparse makeshift shelter hold a very special place in her heart. 

Preventing malaria in South Sudan, one net at a time
JUBA, South Sudan, 22 May 2015 – A young woman secures her baby tightly on her back with a piece of cloth and bends down to pick up a package on the ground in front of her. But this is no ordinary package.

In South Sudan, a school reopens, but risks remain
BENTIU, South Sudan, 20 February 2015 – William, a teacher in Bentiu, in South Sudan’s Unity State, cannot stop smiling. He has waited for this day a long time. The school where he taught until one year ago is reopening, and he is back in his old classroom, ready for the students.

In South Sudan, a long way back to freedom
BENTIU, South Sudan, 27 January 2015 – “The bullets were heavy. It was impossible to run. It was hard to use a gun…” When the words won’t come, David*, a slim 16-year-old boy, gently drums his fingers on his older brother’s knee three times – enough to give him the courage to keep going. 

In South Sudan, breaking down barriers to girls' education
KAPOETA SOUTH COUNTRY, South Sudan, 15 December 2014 – It’s 7 a.m. on a cool and calm morning, and a young, shy-looking Natabo Gabriel is at the Kapoeta Youth Vocational Training Centre, in South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria State. The day has barely begun, but she is certain it is her day and no one can take away her joy.

The video game idea that caused a walkout at a gaming convention
We pitched a video game concept to a room full of gamers at a convention in Washington, D.C.
This is what happened.

A taste of hope in South Sudan
NHIALDIU, South Sudan, 12 November 2014 – In one hand, Nyakuoy cradles her 12-month-old baby boy, Nyepuote, close to her body, and in the other she holds a sachet of ready-to-use therapeutic food. Despite a hesitant start, her son is slowly getting used to the peanut-based paste that could save his life. 

In South Sudan, a single mother’s fight to survive
PATHAI, South Sudan, 10 October 2014 – The remoteness of Cuaca’s new home makes it a hard place to raise her three children. There are no roads, markets, hospitals or schools. Two of the four wells in the village are broken, while the population that depends on this water has doubled.

In South Sudan, rapid response brings aid to remote locations
KIECH KUON, South Sudan, 2 October 2014 – At first glance, this village in South Sudan looks like a place of relative plenty.

A desperate struggle against starvation in South Sudan
KIECH KUON, South Sudan, 25 August 2014 – In the field next to Nyakaka Wal's home in rural South Sudan, maize plants stand tall and dense, an acre or more of desperately needed food slowly growing in the hot sun.

In South Sudan, response to looming threats of disease and malnutrition is a race against time and the elements
BENTIU, South Sudan, 1 August 2014 – Veronica Nyapar Kai plucks the dry reeds from the muddy soil and lays them in a neat pile. For the past few months, these reeds have served as walls for her family’s home.

Reaching children in South Sudan

In South Sudan, educating children in crisis
JUBA, South Sudan, 24 June 2014 – It is a rainy morning in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. Despite the weather, people appear to be going about their activities as normal at the Mahad settlement for internally displaced persons (IDPs).

With conflict raging in South Sudan, recruitment of children into armed groups is on the rise
JUBA, South Sudan, 5 May 2014 – Ring Placido is a slight, soft-spoken 23-year-old who exudes warmth and a cheery calm. He is a renowned singer and bandleader in Juba’s burgeoning reggae music scene. Ring is a budding star. He is also a former child combatant.

Lost and alone: One girl's nightmare amid the violence of South Sudan
PAGAK, South Sudan, 2 May 2014 – Nyagonar* still remembers the last time she saw her mother. It was in Malakal, one of many towns in South Sudan where fighting and insecurity have become constant threats.

Layers of loss: An interview with photojournalist Kate Holt on South Sudan
NEW YORK, United States of America, 30 April 2014 – Advocating for human rights and illuminating their abuses has taken Zimbabwe-born photojournalist Kate Holt around the globe. Last month, on assignment for UNICEF, she returned to South Sudan, a country that has figured extensively into her work.

Response teams rush to treat rising malnutrition in South Sudan
PAGAK, South Sudan, 23 April 2014 – Nine-month-old Jock Chabang, one of the youngest citizens in the world’s newest country, has already experienced a great deal of hardship in his lifetime.

Amid the chaos of conflict in South Sudan, reuniting separated children with their families
JUBA, South Sudan, 24 March 2014 – So many questions crossed Josephine’s mind when she heard the gunfire, back in December. “Is the country going back to war? Will my children live the same life I did? What about the safety of my children?”

Reuniting children lost amid the violence in South Sudan
JUBA, South Sudan, 14 February 2014 – Far from home, in the company of strangers who speak a language they do not know, a small group of boys and girls play in the dust of the Juba child welfare centre. They are among hundreds of children lost or unaccompanied in the chaos of intense fighting in South Sudan.

In South Sudan’s capital, critical aid reaches conflict-displaced families
NEW YORK, United States of America, 8 January 2014 – Children in the world’s youngest country are no strangers to conflict. Three years ago, the people of Southern Sudan voted for independence after decades of civil war between north and south – a war that took a significant toll on both sides. And for many children and their families in South Sudan, internal conflict has also been a source of threat.

Trauma facility established by UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Tetsuko Kuroyanagi in South Sudan is lifeline for young victims
JUBA, South Sudan, 1 April 2013 – It is a shelter of hope and survival she helped build 17 years ago. Since then, it has saved the lives of thousands of children in South Sudan and neighbouring countries.

UNICEF and partners respond to the refugee situation in Maban, South Sudan
BUNJ, South Sudan, 5 October 2012 - You can hear the heavy rains outside the hospital in Bunj, in Maban County, South Sudan. Inside, Dr. Evan Atar treats 2-year-old Mustapha for severe malnutrition.

South Sudanese women take the lead in local peace building
JUBA, South Sudan, 8 August 2012 – ‘Peace starts within you. If you have peace in your heart you can educate others,’ said Jennifer Kujang Abe, President of the Central Equatoria Women’s Union , during a discussion about the role of women in local conflict resolution.

Children in South Sudan urge greater protections for children living with disabilities
JUBA, South Sudan, 20 JUNE 2012 – Children in South Sudan marked the Day of the African Child, which took place June 16, by commemorating the theme ’The Rights of Children with Disabilities: The Duty to Protect, Respect, Promote and Fulfill’, which calls for more support for children living with disabilities.

Increasing demand for vaccination services in South Sudan
JUBA, South Sudan, 24 May 2012 – In the past, parents would wait for vaccinators to visit their homes on National Immunization Days (NIDs). But this recent round of immunizations saw throngs of mothers arrive at the Munuki Primary Health Care Center to have their children vaccinated – an indication that parents are increasingly motivated to protect their children from deadly but preventable diseases like polio.

Countries learn from Nepal's 'Schools as Zones of Peace' programme
KATHMANDU, Nepal, 16 May 2012 – Participants from five countries and various ministries and international NGOs gathered in Nepal last week to learn about the ‘Schools as Zones of Peace’ (SZOP) programme.

Hunger a daily reality for South Sudan's children
TORIT, South Sudan, 2 May 2012 – There was only sorghum for lunch, but it didn’t make the preparation any simpler. In Illeu, a small town in Eastern Equatoria State, Anorina Kabaka first had to bring a bucket full of sorghum grain to be ground into flour. While waiting for the sorghum to be ground, she plucked tamarind nuts, which she would soak in water to flavour the meal. Once she had returned home, she lit a fire, set a pot of water to boil, and mixed the flour into a thick porridge.

In South Sudan, sanitation and hygiene education helps fight disease
TORIT, South Sudan, 25 April 2012 – After sweeping the yard, washing up the latrine, and taking out the garbage, 12-year-old Klementina Arakajilo joined the rest of her family for a break. As they chatted, Klementina shared important messages about hygiene and health.

South Sudan marks International Mine Awareness Day, focuses on reducing landmine risks
JUBA, South Sudan, 18 April 2012 — Gatluak Kual dribbled the ball past two opponents and smiled before passing it to his teammate. To him, disability is not inability – with determination, he says, people can still achieve their future dreams.

South Sudan faces challenges providing maternal and child health care
TORIT, South Sudan, 10 April 2012 – It was a busy morning in the maternity ward of Torit Civil Hospital, Eastern Equatoria State. Three newborns were welcomed into the world, all in good health. Surrounded by family members, Lugina Michael let out a sigh of relief.

UN and Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) sign historic agreement to stop child recruitment and release all children from the national army
JUBA, South Sudan, 13 March 2012 – The United Nations and Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) on Monday signed an agreement in which the army renewed its commitment to release all children from its ranks.

UNICEF and partners support victims of inter-communal conflict in Jonglei, South Sudan
PIBOR, South Sudan, 1 March 2012 – It was an ecstatic scene as Nora Wacha, a 20-year-old woman who had been abducted during the recent fighting between the Murle and Lou Nuer tribes in South Sudan’s Jonglei State, was reunited with her family in Pibor.

Field diary: In Sudan, a long wait for the journey home to South Sudan
KOSTI, Sudan, 1 February 2012 – A raggedy doll is all that 18-year-old Sabina Saisa has left to remind her of her best friend, Jacqueline.

Prioritizing education and promoting gender equality in South Sudan
WESTERN EQUATORIA, South Sudan, 17 January 2012 – Education is a key priority for the government of the world’s newest nation, South Sudan.

Field diary: UNICEF prepares to help victims of conflict in South Sudan
PIBOR, South Sudan, 12 January 2012 – It was 7 a.m. when I boarded a UN MI8 helicopter with colleagues from the Human Rights and Child Protection section of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), as well as representatives from the South Sudan Human Rights Commission, the South Sudan Peace Commission, the World Food Programme, and media representatives from South Sudan Radio and Television.

UNICEF assists returnees to South Sudan with shelter, water and temporary learning facilities
RENK, South Sudan, 2 November 2011 – Three months after South Sudan separated from Sudan, becoming an independent nation, many South Sudanese are struggling to return home.

'Independence' baby signals the birth of a new nation in South Sudan
JUBA, South Sudan, 13 July 2011 – Early on the morning of 9 July, a choir of shrieking women echoed in unison from the maternity ward of Juba Teaching Hospital in South Sudan. But the sound from the ward was not of women in pain. Instead, they were calling out together in joy.

Challenges ahead to strengthen children’s rights as South Sudan prepares for independence
JUBA, South Sudan, 8 July 2011 - The celebrations on the streets of Juba have already begun. School children waving flags and carrying banners have joined tribal warriors and soldiers in rehearsals for Saturday’s big celebrations. As South Sudan gets ready for becoming the world’s newest nation, the pride and excitement is visible on every face.

South Sudan and UNICEF inaugurate a new ward at the country’s only children’s hospital
JUBA, South Sudan, 8 July 2011 - As South Sudan prepares for its independence, the opening of a new ward at a children’s hospital marks a small but significant step towards tackling the daunting challenges facing public health officials in the region.

Podcast #42: As South Sudan looks to nationhood, education is pivotal
NEW YORK, USA, 6 July 2011 – At the end of this week, on 9 July, Southern Sudan will become an independent nation. Citizens of the newest country in the world, the people of Southern Sudan face immense challenges and immediate threats.

Weeks before Southern Sudan's independence, UNICEF helps children in troubled border areas
MALAKAL, Southern Sudan, 19 May 2011 – The bullet hole is high on the whitewashed wall of what is, in other respects, a perfectly normal conference room, the kind you might find in a UNICEF office anywhere in the world. But to the staff of UNICEF’s Malakal office, the broken plaster – and its ricochet in the frame of a map on the opposite wall – is a stark reminder of the challenges they face.

Drive to eradicate polio gives hope to returnees in Southern Sudan
JUBA, Southern Sudan, 22 February 2011 – The first round of the 2011 Polio National Immunization Days in southern Sudan begins this week and is expected to reach an estimated 3.1 million children. Thousands of vaccination teams will spread across southern Sudan - a region the size of Eastern Europe - and administer two drops of the Polio vaccine to all children under the age of five.

Overcoming barriers to girls’ education in Southern Sudan
RUMBEK, Sudan, 8 July 2009 – Mary, 17, is an eighth-grader at the Deng Nhial Primary School in Rumbek, Southern Sudan. Mary’s mother is determined to see her daughter complete her schooling, since she did not get the same opportunity to get an education herself.




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