UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Nana Mouskouri promotes breastfeeding in Romanian Maternity Hospital
BUCHAREST, Romania, 6 December 2011 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Nana Mouskouri met with mothers and their newborns at St. Pantelimon Maternity Hospital during a visit to promote the importance of breastfeeding.

Special Olympics and UNICEF collaborate in Romania to promote inclusion and acceptance
CLUJ, Romania, 27 April 2009 – Special Olympics and UNICEF have joined forces in Romania to build inclusive communities for children with intellectual disabilities. Most recently, the Sport and Physical Education faculty of Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj organized an event for children both with and without intellectual disabilities, featuring Special Olympics Unified Sports, 'Young Athletes' and 'Healthy Athletes' activities.

UNICEF raises €250,000 for 'baby-friendly' hospitals in Romania
BUCHAREST, Romania, 13 May 2008 - A UNICEF fundraising event that aired on  Romanian National Television has raised €250,000 for the development of ‘baby-friendly’ hospitals in the country.

Ending child abandonment in Romania
CONSTANZA, Romania, 5 December 2006 - Irgiz Ibrahim, 26, lives with her mother and her three children in an overcrowded, run-down house here. Rubbish is strewn around the garden. Children dart in and out of gaps in the fence. The house looks in desperate need of repair.

Teenage fighter and survivor helps prevent AIDS among young people in Romania
BUCHAREST, Romania, 29 November 2006 – Between 1988 and 1990, approximately 10,000 children in Romania were diagnosed with HIV. Some 7,000 are still alive. Cristian Traicu, 18, is one of them.




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