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At a glance: State of Palestine


How girls built a library in the Gaza Strip
DEIR AL BALAH CITY, State of Palestine, 18 December 2017 – There are one million children in Gaza, yet hardly any sports fields or playgrounds. And this lack of safe outside play areas especially affects girls. The beach is basically off limits, with terrible sewage pollution. Youth unemployment is over 60 per cent.

Gaza children face acute water and sanitation crisis
GAZA, State of Palestine, 1 September 2017 – Eight-year-old Sawsan and her family live in a tin-roofed shack made from metal sheets. In summer, she cannot stay inside as it becomes unbearably hot. In winter, the place is flooded with rainwater mixed with sewage from the street.

Poverty drives child labour in Gaza
GAZA, State of Palestine, 20 July 2017 – When morning comes, 13-year-old Ahmad* does not go to school like other children his age. Instead, he goes to work.

Palestinian children with disabilities are determined to learn
HEBRON, State of Palestine, 2 June 2017 – For 12-year-old Wi’am, attending the Blind Charitable Society School is a blessing.

UNICEF seawater desalination plant helps head off Gaza water crisis
GAZA, State of Palestine, 6 April 2017 – For 13-year-old Ahmad, the idea of drinking water from the tap did not make sense. “I have never drunk tap water because it is not clean, and it could make me sick,” he says. “My parents told me that they used to drink tap water at home, but it must have been many years ago, before I was born.”

Working with children to build peace in Palestinian communities
EAST JERUSALEM, State of Palestine, 6 February 2017 – Naheel, 40, has four girls and one boy. She and her husband Jameel, who installs aluminium for a living, used to live in Bir Nabala, a small town northwest of the city of Jerusalem.

Children design the school of their dreams in the Gaza Strip
GAZA, State of Palestine, 14 December 2016 – Two years ago, 50 days of armed conflict took an unprecedented toll on Gaza’s children and schools, with 258 of the latter incurring minor, partial, or severe damage. The destruction of schools had devastating consequences for the education system.

Protecting children from violations and abuse in Gaza
GAZA, State of Palestine, 21 October 2016 – Seventeen-year-old Ahmad* has spent much of his childhood living in fear. Growing up in the Gaza Strip, he has witnessed three major rounds of armed conflict since 2009, and nearly ten years of blockade.

The children living in Gaza’s rubble
GAZA, State of Palestine, 8 July 2015 – For 12-year-old Malak, last year’s 51 days of hostilities are not something she can forget. “My friends used to visit me at home before the war, but now no one comes here anymore. Even our relatives don’t – they are afraid our house will collapse on them,” she says.

Six months after ceasefire, children of Gaza are trapped in trauma
GAZA, State of Palestine, 26 February 2015 – It has been six months since a precarious truce ended another devastating bout of violence in Gaza. For children like Samar and Rosol Barakat, the scars left by 51 days of hostilities last summer are as raw as ever.

Overcoming loss in the rubble of Gaza
GAZA, State of Palestine, 29 September 2014 - Ten-year-old Shaima lives in Shuja’iyeh in eastern Gaza City, a crowded neighbourhood now mostly reduced to a vast expanse of rubble. The threat of explosive remnants of war looms around every corner.

In Gaza, children go back to school after a devastating summer
GAZA, State of Palestine, 16 September 2014 – Early on Sunday, Gaza woke at last to a familiar sight: streets crowded with children dressed in school uniforms. Half a million students have returned to school this week, with memories still fresh of 50 days of violence that engulfed the coastal enclave this summer and delayed the start of classes by three weeks.

Treating the hidden wounds of Gaza's children
GAZA, State of Palestine, 8 September 2014 – The story of 4-year-old Shima is surely as horrifying as that of any child who lived through the recent conflict in Gaza. Listening to the details recounted by her father, Ibrahim, one can only wonder that she survived the 50 days of intense fighting.

“This is not a life” – Gaza residents struggle to cope in the wake of destruction
GAZA, State of Palestine, 14 August 2014 - Mariam Ahmad Al Masri says she did not have time to take any possessions as she fled heavy fighting in Beit Hanoun, in the north-east corner of Gaza. She and her children could only run for their lives.

A long path to recovery for children in Gaza
GAZA, State of Palestine, 8 August 2014 – The lives of many of Gaza’s children have been lost or changed forever after a month marked by death, destruction and fear.

Children at risk in the Gaza conflict
UNICEF is on the ground, and spreading the word, about the effect of conflict on children in Gaza.

No safe place for children in Gaza
GAZA, State of Palestine, 28 July 2014 – As the hostilities enter their twenty-first day, the number of children dying is growing. More than 1,000 Palestinians have been reported killed so far, of whom around 230 were children – more than 10 a day. The youngest child killed was only 3 months old.

Children bear the brunt of renewed fighting in Gaza
GAZA, 14 July 2014 – In Gaza City’s al-Shifa hospital, two 5-year-old children lie in bed. Noureldin and his cousin Kinan were both seriously injured by shrapnel after an airstrike flattened the family’s home on Tuesday night. Noureldin’s mother had just put the boys to sleep in a bedroom when the missile struck, killing her and her husband, reportedly a militant, as well as Kinan’s father, sister and grandmother.

After floods in Gaza, critical supplies help children recover and return to school
GAZA, State of Palestine, 21 January 2014 – In December, powerful thunderstorms and four days of torrential rain hit Gaza. Hundreds of families were stranded in their homes, inundated by rising waters, while others were forced to abandon their houses and seek safety on higher ground.

A fresh solution to Gaza's water crisis
GAZA, State of Palestine, 14 January 2014 – Every other day, Ramadan, a resident of Nuseirat refugee camp, used to carry empty bottles and jerry cans through the tiny alleyways of the camp until he reached a private water vendor. He would spend the equivalent of US$10 a month on water, a large sum for cash-strapped families living in the coastal enclave.

For one Palestinian girl, confidence is found in education and activities
KUFR ZEIBAD, State of Palestine, 26 December 2013 – Mariam is 14 years old. She lives in Kufr Zeibad, a tiny village in the northern West Bank. She attends school and will work in the family’s small sewing shop, once she has completed her secondary education.

UNICEF Deputy Executive Director visits programmes supporting Palestinian children
EAST JERUSALEM, 12 December 2013 – UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Yoka Brandt recently concluded a four-day visit to the State of Palestine to view and discuss the situation of children with partners from government, civil society and the international community, including the United Nations system, and observe UNICEF-supported programmes.

Back-breaking and life-threatening labour in the tunnels the only option, say teenagers in the State of Palestine
GAZA, State of Palestine, 9 January 2013 - In the small patch of land that runs along Gaza’s southern border with Egypt, the sound of generators roars amid hundreds of white tents planted in the landscape of sand and bullet-riddled ruins.

Children affected by the recent violence in the State of Palestine are encouraged to come to terms with the past
GAZA CITY, State of Palestine, 26 December 2012 – In a small, dark flat, a dozen boys aged 8 to 13 sit in silence.

In occupied Palestinian territory, new lives blossom in the aftermath of violence
GAZA CITY, occupied Palestinian territory, 11 December 2012 – A girl in school uniform searches for belongings among pieces of furniture hurled against the walls by a blast. She picks up a dress through the rubble and gives it to her stepfather, Mohammed, who hangs it on a window frame. The window has blown out.

In Gaza, children returning to school are scarred by violence
GAZA CITY, occupied Palestinian territory, 27 November 2012 – As schools reopen across Gaza, children have only one thing on their minds – the violence they have witnessed and cannot forget.

In occupied Palestinian territory, the violence has had a direct impact on children, and families struggle to cope
GAZA, occupied Palestinian territory, 20 November 2012 – The violence has had a direct impact on children, and families are struggling to cope.

In occupied Palestinian territory, UNICEF and partners tackle the risks of open cesspools
Gaza, occupied Palestinian territory, 2 November 2012 - White birds fly low over the mirror-smooth pond before landing in the grass, where, much to the delight of 16-year-old Ahmed, some start singing.

Ensuring Palestinian children the right to a quality education
YANOUN, occupied Palestinian territory, 18 September 2012—For many of the 1.2 million students living in the occupied Palestinian territory, returning to school last week was an enjoyable experience. But for students living in Yanoun, a village in the northern West Bank, returning to class was stressful.

Palestinian adolescents celebrate the ‘International Youth Year’ by making efforts to build a stronger society
Aqaba, West Bank, 10 August 2012 – Gathered around a table, 14-year-old Majd Dabak and several adolescent girls are busy completing an intricate piece of artwork using the coloured wedges of broken floor tiles.

The Barrier makes getting to school a daily ordeal for children in Abu Dis, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
EAST JERUSALEM, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 23 July 2012 – Karimeh Khatib wakes up every morning at 6 a.m., worried about her journey to work. She had been a teacher at the Comboni Convent pre-school centre in East Jerusalem for 20 years when, two years ago, her commute to school turned from a simple 10-minute walk to a daily trial involving escorting 4- and 5-year-olds through an Israeli-controlled checkpoint, with a bus ride at either end.

State-of-the-art care for Gaza's infants
GAZA CITY, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 6 July 2012 – On a sunny day in Gaza, Mirfat Ali cuddled her 10-day-old baby Mahmoud. With the sun pouring in from the window, her concern slowly eased: her infant had finally stopped coughing.

Child poverty amid Jerusalem's Old City splendor
EAST JERUSALEM, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 18 June 2012 – Few of the tourists who visit Jerusalem’s walled Old City know that meters from its iconic holy places, past a maze of narrow stone alleys and hidden stairways, thousands of children live in deep poverty.

Post-natal home visits improve newborn survival in Gaza
GAZA, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 1 June 2012 – Every year, an estimated 1,600 babies die in the first four weeks of life in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Most of these newborns deaths could be prevented if mothers and newborns’s health was systematically evaluated, and if young mothers received advice on how to best care for their children.

Seam Zone keeps Palestinian children in limbo, disrupting education
AL SEEFER, Hebron, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 16 May 2012 – Every morning at dawn, Khalil* wakes up and hurries to class. While his school is a mere 15-minute walk from his house, the 14-year-old boy has no idea how long it will take him to get there. The Israeli-manned Beit Yatir checkpoint, which stands between his house and Imneizil School, can turn the 15-minute walk into an hour-long wait.

Palestinian children and women fight distress in East Jerusalem
EAST JERUSALEM, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 30 April 2012 – The winding lanes of Silwan are among the most ancient and picturesque in East Jerusalem. But Silwan is also one of the most densely populated Palestinian neighbourhoods, where poverty and violence are part of daily life.

Ancient autumn ritual brings joy and pride to Palestinian children
BALA’A, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 22 November 2011 - On the outskirts of Bala’a village in the northern West Bank, the smell of olives floats in the air as a soft Mediterranean breeze gently stirs the leaves of trees. Palestinian villagers have gathered here to harvest this ancient fruit, with the support of dozens of children brought from the UNICEF-supported Adolescent Friendly Spaces, funded by Sida, Danida and the German National Committee.

Palestinian Bedouin school teaching on borrowed time
KHAN AL AHMAR, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 21 October 2011 – Every morning, students walk to the primary school in Khan Al Ahmar fearing it might be gone. “Day after day, I worry it might have been knocked down overnight,” said Iman,* a nine-year-old Bedouin student.

UNICEF provides support to Palestinian students through rehabilitation and psychosocial sessions
DKAIKA, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 29 September 2011 - Located just 70 metres away from the Green Line - the 1949 Armistice Line – in Israeli-controlled Area ‘C’, the villagers of Dkaika are forced to suffer under the daily risk of home demolition and harassment.

UNICEF-supported initiative providing essential school supplies to Palestinian children living in Lebanon
BEIRUT, Lebanon, 27 September 2011 - Noha Sbahi, 11, lives in Beirut on the outskirts of the Shatila Palestinian camp. Every morning, she walks to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East’s (UNRWA) school of Yabad with her eight-year-old sister Sawsan. At the top of her sixth-grade class, Noha is an excellent student, who dreams of becoming a math teacher one day.

Against the odds, students start school in a Bedouin community on the West Bank
AL-KAABNEH, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 9 September 2011 – Every day, 12-year-old Tahreer Ali walks through a mountainous dirt road in the extreme heat to reach her school. “I enjoy learning, even if it’s difficult to reach my school,” she says.

In Gaza, poverty forces children to choose between survival and school
GAZA STRIP, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 17 August 2011 - Ayman, 15, lives in Khuza’a, an impoverished village in southern Gaza, where extreme poverty has dramatically increased due to the blockade. For Ayman, whether or not he’s able to go to school each day is determined by how much food is left in the cupboards.

UNICEF supports a widespread immunization campaign in Occupied Palestinian Territory
EIN AL BEIDAH, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 3 May 2011 – The Ein Al Beidah clinic in northern West Bank was overcrowded as mothers rushed to get their children vaccinated during Regional Immunization Week.

UNICEF and the AusAID support improved sanitation for Palestinian students
HEBRON, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 11 April 2011 – For the first time ever, students at the Al Shioukh elementary school for girls in the West Bank city of Hebron have access to their own sanitation facilities.

UNICEF helps make safe, reliable water possible in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
RAFAH, Gaza Strip, 21 March 2011 – For the first time in her life, Nagham, 7, no longer fears drinking contaminated water. “Now I enjoy drinking water,” she says. “It does not have strange tastes.”

Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey results begin to roll in worldwide
NEW YORK, USA, 14 February 2011 – The first country to launch the fourth round of the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey – or MICS 4 – in November 2009, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, was also the first to complete survey field work, to enter, process and analyze the data, and to release a final report – which can be found at childinfo.org.

Health care and immunization for Palestinian mothers and children in need
HABLEH, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 21 December 2010 – The Hableh government clinic on the West Bank is humming with activity. Today the clinic’s paediatrician is immunizing children, and the benches are lined with women holding children in one hand and, in the other, a ‘Mother and Child Handbook’ designed to track a child’s health and immunization status.

Young people celebrate child rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
JERUSALEM, 7 December 2010 – Whirling and stamping, his feet carrying him through the steps of the traditional Palestinian ‘Dabkeh’ dance, Hamoudeh Rantisi, 11, smiles out at the audience.

UNICEF psycho-social teams bring relief to Palestinian children in East Jerusalem
EAST JERUSALEM, 22 November 2010 – In the West Bank and Gaza Strip, military occupation sets the tone of daily life. Children of all ages must cope with violence, confinement, lack of opportunity and economic hardship.

Through conflict and poverty, students in the Occupied Palestinian Territory struggle to learn
WEST BANK, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 1 October 2010 – Ask principal Hanan Awwad what it is like to head the Khan al-Ahmar elementary school and she will reply that she feels “fear and exhaustion” – but also great pride.

East Jerusalem's young people find inspiration in new programmes
East Jerusalem, 12 August 2010 – Growing up in East Jerusalem is not easy. According to a recent study, 65 per cent of the population – including some 95,000 children – live under the poverty line. Political tensions produce violence and interfere with a healthy, productive childhood. According to city data, half of post-elementary age children drop out of school.

UNICEF honoured for short film on 'Protecting Childhood' in Occupied Palestinian Territory
NEW YORK, 28 June 2010 – UNICEF has been honoured for its coverage of the challenges facing Palestinian children in ‘Protecting Childhood’, a short film that recently won the Award of Excellence in the 2010 Communicator Awards, which are sanctioned and judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts.

Regional Director sees educational and security challenges facing children in Gaza
GAZA STRIP, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 27 May 2010 – On a visit to Gaza this week, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa Sigrid Kaag highlighted the plight of Palestinian children and the many threats they face.

Young Palestinians celebrate the 20th anniversary of the CRC
JERUSALEM, 10 December 2009 – UNICEF hosted several days of celebratory activities last week to focus public attention on the importance of children’s rights. The occasion was the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), which was commemorated throughout Gaza and the West Bank.

Vanessa Redgrave gives benefit performance to support children in Gaza and southern Israel
NEW YORK, USA, 29 October 2009 – Legendary thespian, tireless advocate for human rights and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Vanessa Redgrave gave a special benefit performance of ‘The Year of Magical Thinking’ this week in New York.

Goodwill Ambassadors Mia Farrow and Mahmoud Kabil visit Occupied Palestinian Territory
NEW YORK, USA, 19 October 2009 – In her first official visit to the Occupied Palestinian Territory, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow joined fellow Goodwill Ambassador Mahmoud Kabil to witness the impact of conflict on children.

Two UNICEF advocates, Queen Rania and Mia Farrow, meet in Jordan
AMMAN, Jordan, 14 October 2009 – Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan, UNICEF’s Eminent Advocate for Children, met today with internationally acclaimed actress and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow.

UNICEF Regional Ambassador Mahmoud Kabil visits Palestinian children at risk
JERUSALEM, 17 September 2009 – UNICEF Regional Goodwill Ambassador and Egyptian actor Mahmoud Kabil has visited the Occupied Palestinian Territory to raise awareness about the situation of marginalized Palestinian children, especially Bedouins.

UNICEF Syria 'training of trainers' workshops help young Palestinians make a difference
NEIRAB, Syria, 27 August 2009 – During six days of intensive sessions in Neirab, 20 Palestinian adolescents attending a recent UNICEF 'training of trainers' workshop learned various techniques for mobilizing young people to become more involved in their communities.

Growing poverty in Gaza pushing children to work
GAZA STRIP, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 22 July 2009 – The sound of a lathe screams in the background as Nael Hasan al-Lada’, 12, talks about his job in an auto body shop. He just started the job this summer, but already the young boy is helping to support his entire family of seven brothers and sisters.

UNICEF Radio wins two New York Festivals Awards for Gaza coverage
NEW YORK, USA, 6 July 2009 – UNICEF Radio has won two New York Festivals Radio Programming and Promotion Awards for its coverage of the conflict in the Gaza Strip in late 2008 and early 2009.

Innovative learning supplies for classrooms in Gaza
GAZA, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 25 June 2009 – Brightly coloured cones, triangles and measuring tools were scattered across the school desks in the sparsely furnished fifth-grade classroom of the Mustafa Hafez primary school in Gaza City.

‘The Youth Times’ newspaper speaks volumes for Palestinian teenagers
NEW YORK, USA, 25 June 2009 – Although much of the news from the Occupied Palestinian Territory is focused on violence and conflict, there is different, yet just as important, reporting happening on the ground in the region – reporting from a distinctly youth perspective.

Coming to terms with grief in Nablus: ‘Fatima helped me’
NABLUS, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 9 June 2009 – Several times a month, Fatima Alshopy navigates the narrow streets of the Number One Refugee Camp in the West Bank city of Nablus to visit Maha Qatouny, a mother of three who recently suffered a terrible loss.

Delivering maternal and child health services in hard-to-reach West Bank communities
JBARA, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 26 May 2009 – Nestled in a small crook of land, surrounded by the barrier between the West Bank and Israel, sits the community of Jbara, home to nearly 300 people.

UNICEF and ECHO support play activities to help West Bank children cope
NEW YORK, USA, 21 May 2009 – Mays Shaaban, 14, often hears gunshots in Qabatiya, a town of nearly 20,000 located near the northern West Bank city of Jenin, where the barrier between the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel is a source of constant tension.

Education for All Week: Gaza’s students struggle to return to damaged schools
NEW YORK, USA, 29 April 2009 – While the world celebrates Global Action Week 2009 with a focus on education for all, the children of the Gaza Strip are still struggling to return to school in the aftermath of the conflict that ended there in January.

UNICEF and ECHO help West Bank children on deal with daily stress
JAYOUS VILLAGE, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 28 April 2009 – The village of Jayous is next to the barrier that sits between Israel and the West Bank. Jayous is the venue for weekly demonstrations against the barrier and is the site of regular search-and-arrest operations.

UNICEF and ECHO support counselling to help Gaza’s children face the future
GAZA, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 21 April 2009 – Plastic sheets cover the windows of the small house where Muna, 17, lives with her parents and five younger siblings. The house was heavily damaged during the conflict in Gaza that ended in January, but it is not the broken windows or damaged walls that weigh most heavily on this family.

World Health Day 2009: Gazans still recovering from ill effects of conflict
NEW YORK, USA, 6 April, 2009 – On the eve of World Health Day, 7 April, children and families in the Gaza Strip continue to suffer ill effects from a lack of access to humanitarian support.

Life skills training gives young Palestinian refugees new hope
DAMASCUS, Syrian Arab Republic, 26 March 2009 – In the refugee camps of Syria, life for Palestinian adolescents is challenging. Although better off than many in the region—with civil rights almost equal to those of Syrian citizens—poverty, violence and alcoholism are common. Adolescents often lack opportunities to develop important skills relevant to life outside of the camps.

Beyond School Books - a podcast series on education in emergencies
NEW YORK, USA, 17 March 2009 – The recent Gaza conflict left about 1,000 Palestinian civilians dead and many more injured. Children, who make up more than half of Gaza’s population, have born the brunt of the conflict and its aftermath.

Executive Director calls for stronger protection for Palestinian and Israeli children
JERUSALEM, 9 March 2009 – UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman concluded a four-day visit to the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel on Saturday with a call for stronger action to protect children.

Campaign fights infectious diseases in the wake of Gaza's long crisis
EAST JERUSALEM, 25 February 2009 – A fragile peace is holding in Gaza since hostilities ended last month. But damage to vital infrastructure is widespread, and primary health care services have been reduced by 90 per cent.

Regional Goodwill Ambassador Mahmoud Kabil lends support to hospital serving Gaza
GAZA STRIP, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 17 February 2009 – Egyptian actor and UNICEF Regional Goodwill Ambassador for the Middle East and North Africa Mahmoud Kabil paid a special visit last week to El-Arish hospital in Egypt, near the Rafah border crossing to Gaza.

UN Special Representative visits youngest victims of conflict in Gaza and southern Israel
NEW YORK, USA, 5 February 2009 – The UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, Radhika Coomaraswamy, is in Gaza and southern Israel this week to assess the situation of children and advocate for their protection.

Back to school in Gaza, children welcome chance to resume normal lives
NEW YORK, 26 January 2009 – With the return of hundreds of thousands of children to school in Gaza, UNICEF is providing essential educational equipment and materials to reinstate learning and recreational activities, create safe environments and help restore a sense of normalcy for children in Gaza.

Displaced families in Gaza face public health crisis
NEW YORK, USA, 23 January 2009 – While the fighting in Gaza has stopped, tens of thousands of Palestinians remain in United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRAW) emergency shelters. Thousands of others who fled their homes remain with friends or relatives.

UNICEF rehabilitating learning centres for adolescents in Gaza
JERUSALEM, 23 January 2009 – The recent and extreme levels of conflict in Gaza have affected the lives of some 800,000 children and young people. Many have lost their schools, health facilities, play areas and even neighbourhoods, which have been destroyed in the violence.

‘Everything is destroyed’: Siblings describe destruction of their school in Gaza
NEW YORK, USA, 22 January 2009 – When Gaza’s schools reopen in the coming days, Maram, 12, does not know where she’ll go. “I want to see what happened to my school,” she said in a telephone interview with UNICEF Radio. “I saw pictures of it – It was very, very destroyed.”

As early recovery work begins, the toll of conflict on Gaza’s children is clear
NEW YORK, USA, 21 January 2009 – Amira, 15, is a survivor. After her two siblings and father were killed during the conflict in the Gaza Strip, she crawled from her family’s home and was found three days later in a neighbour’s house.

Ceasefire holds in Gaza: ‘It’s a hopeful day’
NEW YORK, 19 January 2009 – UNICEF is moving swiftly to deliver supplies and support to children after a ceasefire was declared on Saturday following three weeks of conflict.

‘We didn’t sleep at all’ – Gaza aid worker evacuates home
NEW YORK, USA, 16 January 2009 – Shelling and bombing continue in the Gaza Strip, impeding movement into and within the territory and further damaging infrastructure and public utilities.

As infrastructure collapses, UNICEF supplies water for shelters in Gaza
NEW YORK, USA, 16 January 2009 – After 20 days of military operations in the Gaza Strip, the humanitarian situation there has deteriorated to new levels of desperation.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman regarding the humanitarian situation in Gaza
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 14 January 2009 - "Over 300 children have been killed and more than 1,500 wounded, since the beginning of the Gaza crisis on 27 December, 2008.

‘We cannot wait’ – Gaza aid worker’s wife about to give birth amidst crisis
NEW YORK, USA, 14 January 2009 – The conflict in the Gaza Strip holds special terror for Sajy, one of 10 UNICEF staff members who have persevered in the territory throughout the current crisis. His wife is due to give birth any day.

‘I wish the war would end’ – Gaza’s children pay psychological cost of conflict
NEW YORK, USA, 12 January 2009 – The children of Gaza have three hours a day in which it’s safe, at least in theory, to go out. The humanitarian ceasefire does not always hold, but it provides a measure of relief for those who need to find food and water, or try and retrieve possessions from their former homes.

UNICEF delivers emergency supplies for children and families in Gaza
NEW YORK, USA, 11 January 2009 – As the conflict in the Gaza Strip escalates into deeper ground incursions, UNICEF is appealing for $16 million in new funding to provide families and children with emergency supplies.

UNICEF staff perseveres under difficult and dangerous conditions in Gaza
NEW YORK, USA, 10 January 2009 – UNICEF has 10,000 staff working around the world in a wide range of environments, including conflicts such as the one now under way in the Gaza Strip. Ten stalwart UNICEF staff members have remained in Gaza throughout the two-week crisis there, working under very difficult and dangerous conditions in an effort to bring some relief to children in need.

Some aid distributed to Palestinian families amidst ongoing crisis in Gaza
NEW YORK, USA, 7 January 2009 – As fighting in Gaza continued into its 12th day today, a three-hour ceasefire allowed for the limited movement of humanitarian aid within the territory. UNICEF was able to distribute some supplies, including family water kits and health kits, to civilians affected by the ongoing conflict.

Life in the midst of Gaza conflict, through the eyes of a Palestinian teenager
NEW YORK, USA, 5 January 2009 – Ten days of aerial bombing on Gaza has caused extensive devastation throughout the territory and is threatening the health and welfare of many children. Most of Gaza is without electricity, and the situation is turning into a massive humanitarian crisis.

UNICEF’s Eminent Advocate, Queen Rania, speaks out on Gaza crisis
AMMAN, Jordan, 5 January 2009 – At a UNICEF-organized press conference here this morning, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah made an urgent plea on behalf of all the civilians living in Gaza – especially children – for a “humanitarian ceasefire” and for the international community to do all it can to help alleviate the suffering.

Palestinian children exercise their right to play at the 2008 Global Peace Games
WEST BANK, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 5 December 2008 – Hundreds of Palestinian children from various cities, villages and refugee camps came to Ramallah to celebrate Global Peace Day by exercising their right to play at the 2008 Global Peace Games for Children and Youth, held at Majed Al Asad stadium.

Japan donates $2.4 million for family health in Occupied Palestinian Territory
BEIT FOURIK, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 8 August 2008 – Beit Fourik, a tiny village in the north of the West Bank, is home to around 13,000 people, with a high percentage of young people under the age of eighteen. The main entry and exit point is a manned checkpoint.

Organized ‘recreation days’ relieve stress for children in Gaza
GAZA, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 25 July 2008 – Every day, children and adolescents throughout the Gaza Strip suffer from the disruption of basic services and deteriorating living standards. The children of Shoka, a small Bedouin area bordering with Israel, are no exception.

UNICEF Regional Director visits Palestinian children bearing brunt of conflict
GAZA, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 9 June 2008 – UNICEF Middle East and North Africa Regional Director Sigrid Kaag visited the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel recently to see first-hand the enduring impact of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on children.

Psychosocial activities help disadvantaged Palestinian children relieve stress
QALQILYA, West Bank, 28 April 2008 – Laughter fills the playground as more than 100 children with disabilities anxiously await their first visit to the only zoo in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Crushed childhoods, cruel choices in Gaza
AMMAN, Jordan, 8 April 2008 – Ayman is a soft-spoken 14-year-old boy from Jabalia City, Gaza. His family is poor, as his father has been unemployed since March 2006. Ayman’s parents have already sold almost all their furniture to pay for food and schooling for their children. Recently, after collecting a governmental food handout, Ayman’s father had to sell the milk to get the money for the journey back home.

Counselling sessions help children cope with their fears after recent violence in Gaza
GAZA, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 24 March 2008 – A renewed round of fighting that began at the end of February brought chaos and destruction to Jabalia, located at the north end of the Gaza Strip. The violence exacerbated an already deteriorating humanitarian situation stemming from the near total blockade of Gaza since June 2007.

Students return to Gaza schools still suffering from lack of heat and electricity
GAZA, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 13 February 2008 – Nearly 400 government schools in Gaza have reopened their doors to a quarter of a million students returning from winter break – but teachers and children have been met with classrooms that have neither heat nor light due to reduced power supplies.

Education suffers amidst political tension and conflict in Gaza
GAZA STRIP, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 12 December 2007 – Najwa Al Smairi, 11, goes to school just metres from Gaza’s heavily guarded perimeter. She is one of the brightest students in her class but fears failure due to the violence and uncertainty around her.

Palestinian children face the challenges of getting an education during conflict
HEBRON, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 5 October 2007 – Ongoing conflict poses threats to the education of Palestinian children. Not only is their safe access to school often jeopardized, but it is hard for them to thrive once they get into the classroom.

Palestinian adolescents find an outlet through UNICEF-supported community centres
JABALIA, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 14 August 2007 – Palestinian adolescents often find themselves with no place to go and nothing to do during the summer school holidays and in their spare time.

Palestinian child health still suffers despite end of eight-month strike at clinics
NABLUS, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 19 June 2007 – Palestinian children’s access to health services is regularly jeopardized. The current intra-Palestinian conflict and Israeli military incursions place their physical and mental well-being at risk, even as they suffer from the effects of an eight-month health workers’ strike.

Recent violence in Gaza leaves many young people shaken
NEW YORK, USA, 19 June 2007 – The recent intra-Palestinian violence in the Gaza Strip left many young people traumatized and unable to carry out their daily activities. Last week’s clashes between Hamas and Fatah killed more than 110 people and injured another 500.

Learning centres help restore hope for Palestinian adolescents
RAFAH, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 6 June 2007– On a daily basis, the rights of children and adolescents in the West Bank and Gaza – including their rights to education and to play – are compromised by the effects of closures, disruption of schooling and deteriorating living standards in the context of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Youth in Gaza and Sderot, Israel face daily violence
NEW YORK, 22 May 2007 – Julie is 17 years old and lives in Gaza in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt). Violence has been an ongoing part of her world for her whole life, off and on, but in the last week there’s been an increase in the level of unrest in her community, both between the internal Palestinian factions of Hamas and Fatah, and in the form of air strikes from the Israeli Air Force.

Young Palestinians mark Palestinian Child’s Day by speaking out against violence
BETHLEHEM, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 4 April 2007 – Hundreds of children will mark Palestinian Child’s Day on Thursday by gathering in Gaza and Ramallah and speaking out against violence. The young activists have also arranged to speak to a panel of high-level officials to request they take the lead in protecting children from the ongoing violence.

Palestinians cope with water scarcity in Gaza
NEW YORK, USA, 22 March 2007 – The drawings by hundreds of Palestinian schoolchildren were on display at a ceremony in Gaza today to mark World Water Day 2007. The 25 best drawings inspired by the theme ‘Coping with Water Scarcity’ were selected as winners during the event.

Palestinian teens speak out on new agreement to end internal violence
NEW YORK, USA 9 February 2007 – After several weeks of internal fighting in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, leaders of the Hamas and Fatah parties yesterday signed an agreement to cease the violence. The agreement, known as the Mecca Accord, followed a two-day summit in Saudi Arabia.

Palestinian child health still faces challenges, despite end of strike at clinics
HEBRON, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 6 February 2007 – Government clinics have resumed routine services following a recent three-month health workers’ strike that began after clinic staff members had not been paid their full salaries for over 10 months.

Palestinian students return to school despite intense challenges and violence
NEW YORK, USA, 16 January 2007 – Students in the Occupied Palestinian Territory are finally beginning a new semester after violence and teachers’ strikes kept many away from their studies last year.

Vigil held in memory of boys killed in Gaza
NEW YORK, USA, 12 December 2006 – The killing of three young brothers in Gaza City yesterday has shocked the Palestinian community across the political divide and exposed, once again, the plight of children living in the volatile region.

Renewed violence in Gaza raises serious concerns for children’s safety
NEW YORK, USA, 8 November 2006 – Renewed violence in Gaza is again raising serious concerns about the welfare of civilians, including children. Over the past week, the armed conflict has claimed the lives of an estimated 68 Palestinians – including 18 reportedly killed in shelling as Israeli tanks withdrew from the town of Beit Hanoun before dawn today.

Community non-violence workshops protect Palestinian children
NEW YORK, USA, 10 October 2006 – In the streets of Nablus in the West Bank, a group of Palestinian adolescents chat animatedly, on their way to a special workshop promoting non-violence.

European Commission funds support for Palestinian children caught in conflict
NEW YORK, USA, 4 October 2006 – Ninety-one children have been killed already this year in the West Bank and Gaza, almost double the number killed during the whole of 2005. Fear and violence are part of daily life in the occupied Palestinian territory, and children are suffering from increasing levels of stress.

Child health suffers in Gaza and West Bank as government workers’ strike continues
NEW YORK, USA, 12 September 2006 – Thousands of children in the West Bank and Gaza have been without medical care since health workers went on strike earlier this month. Along with other government workers, they have not been paid for several months because of the continuing conflict in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Six months without pay sparks teachers’ strike in Gaza and West Bank
NEW YORK, USA, 5 September 2006 – Just days into the start of the new school term most schools in Gaza are closed due to a strike by government workers, including teachers, who haven’t been paid for six months. The strike, which is open-ended, is affecting 750,000 pupils.

Schools shelter Palestinian families displaced by violence in Gaza
NEW YORK, USA, 22 August 2006 – The Preparatory School for Boys in Rafah, southern Gaza, has become a temporary home for nearly 50 Palestinian families affected by ongoing hostilities.

Children suffer with no end to violence in Gaza
NEW YORK, USA, 16 August 2006 – As the fragile ceasefire continues to hold in Lebanon, children in Gaza are facing unprecedented levels of violence.

Safe play areas offer some relief for children caught in Gaza conflict zone
NEW YORK, USA, 11 August 2006 – In the Palestinian village of Wadi Al Salqa, children at a playground are busy playing with their friends, just as children do everywhere. But what may look like a perfectly ordinary scene is not so ordinary in Gaza, where children have very few places to play.

Crisis worsens Gaza’s already severe water shortage
NEW YORK, USA, 8 August 2006 – The water point in the southern Gaza town of Joret al Lout is the only place to get drinkable water for the more than 10,000 people who live there.

Psychosocial programmes help Palestinian children cope with crisis
NEW YORK, USA, 2 August 2006 – Since there are no places to play in Al Zaytoun, children wander the streets, improvising their own games in the heavily populated area east of Gaza City. Poverty is rife and ongoing hostilities have made matters worse.

Escalating death toll for children in Gaza
NEW YORK, USA, 27 July 2006 – While clashes between Israel and Hezbollah intensify in Lebanon, fighting continues on a second front in Gaza in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). And the crisis is taking a heavy toll on children.

Palestinian children hit hardest in ongoing Gaza crisis
NEW YORK, USA, 26 July 2006 – While clashes between Israel and Hezbollah intensify in Lebanon, fighting continues on a second front in Gaza in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).

Sport gives girls in Gaza a new outlook
GAZA, West Bank, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 27 February 2006 – It is early morning and 16-year-old Sahar Matter is helping her mother clear the dishes before heading off to school.

Remedial education helps millions of Palestinian children
AZZUN ATMA, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 16 February 2006 – Education is a daily struggle in the remote northern West Bank village of Azzun Atma where there is only one school. UNICEF is supporting a project that trains teachers and parents throughout the West Bank and Gaza to help students study on their own or at home with remedial worksheets.

Safe-play havens for Palestinian children living in conflict zones
NABLUS, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 3 January 2006 – Nestled in the golden hills surrounding Nablus in the West Bank, the little town of Till is home to 3,000 people. Like many population centres in this conflict-prone area, children’s access to safe play and recreational facilities has been virtually non-existent…until recently.

Children welcome EC Commissioner to ECHO/UNICEF psychosocial programme near Ramallah
RAMALLAH, West Bank, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 29 November 2005 - Louis Michel, the European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid, visited an ECHO-funded UNICEF project in the West Bank on Tuesday, to see how children are being helped to overcome psychosocial distress.

Psychosocial care designed to help children affected by ongoing conflict
JERUSALEM, West Bank, 29 November 2005 - In Hebron’s Al Mutalabi school, boys aged between 5 and 14 are busy making paper masks and traditional ‘Tarbouch’ hats in the courtyard.

Children’s Municipality Council helps improve children’s lives in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
GAZA CITY, 23 August 2005 - While Israel evacuates settlers in the Gaza Strip, many Palestinian teenagers are learning to become the next generation of leaders in Gaza City.

UNICEF boosts aid deliveries before Israeli withdrawal
GAZA, 27 July 2005 – With less than a month remaining before Israel’s disengagement from the Gaza Strip, UNICEF has completed final deliveries of aid supplies to some of the most isolated enclaves in the area.

Occupied Palestinian territory: Massive campaign to protect children from mumps
WEST BANK, oPt, 10 May 2005 - Saddam, an 11-year old boy, awoke on Tuesday morning as usual, ready for school. However, it was not a normal day for Saddam. He felt pain and swelling in his neck, and was feverish. Saddam instantly informed his mother, Safiyyeh, who advised him to go to school and seek the advice of the school principal.

Children’s Municipal Councils give children a sense of empowerment
NABLUS, West Bank, oPt, 16 December 2004 - Hundreds of children in the West Bank city of Nablus have completed voting in elections for a new Children’s Municipality Council (CMC).

Gaza children go back to school with UNICEF bags
NEW YORK, 28 October 2004 – UNICEF has distributed more than 40,000 school bags to children in the Northern Gaza Strip.

Gaza offensive levels kindergarten
GAZA CITY, 6 October 2004 – At 3 a.m. on a fog-shrouded morning, Israeli military vehicles opened fire on an area in the Gaza Strip near the Rawdet Tal Zaatar kindergarten.

National immunization campaign begins in the West Bank and Gaza
BETHLEHEM, 28 June 2004 –Fatima Ibrahim walks gingerly towards a Ministry of Health clinic clutching the hand of her daughter, 2-year-old Ikran Hamed. Moments later, the child had received a drop of Vitamin A and an injection of measles vaccine – the first among more than half-a-million Palestinian children to receive the treatment.

UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy to visit Gaza City and Israel
GAZA CITY, 28 May 2004 - In her first visit to the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) and Israel, UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy will spend most of her time interacting with children who have been impacted by the long-running conflict.




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