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Child club helps Nepalese children find their voice

A children’s club in Nepal gives students different platforms to grow.  Download this video


By Thomas Nybo

KATHMANDU, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, 3 January 2014 – Vabendra Kumar Yadav prepares for school. A visitor to his family’s small walk-up apartment asks Vabendra what he likes most in life.

“I love performing drama,” he says.

“Yesterday,” he continues, “I performed in a drama at Children’s Day, in Kathmandu. I was very nervous going on the stage. But, I enjoyed it very much. We performed four dramas, and they were all based on true stories. One was the story of a village boy tortured by his teacher. He wrote about this abuse in a letter and sent it to a radio programme. Our drama was based on his letter.”

© UNICEF Video
Vabendra Kumar Yadav enjoys his Fridays at the club. “We learn lots of things from the club. My favourite thing is interacting with different people. I can share my feelings and talk freely with my friends.”

A club for children

In fact, this performance was seen by more than a thousand people gathered in Kathmandu’s Durbar Square. It was part of a programme put together by Vabendra’s child club. The club is sponsored by Hatemalo Sanchar, with support from UNICEF. Hatemalo is a non-profit organization established in 1994 to promote children’s rights in Nepal.

Vabendra, who just started Grade 5, attends meetings of the club each Friday with his older brother. The children perform dramas and play games. They read and discuss literature about the importance of empowering children and helping them discover their voice and their rights.

“I like my club very much,” says Vabendra. “We learn lots of things from the club. My favourite thing is interacting with different people. I can share my feelings and talk freely with my friends.”

He appreciates that the club allows the children to choose their own direction and activities.

“We have drawing and painting classes, taught by the senior boys and girls, as well as drama and dancing,” he says. “The seniors also teach us discipline.


© UNICEF Video
The children’s club empowers students and helps them discover their voice and rights through various activities, such as drama, drawing and painting.

“The club is a great place to learn.”

School can teach you anything

Fifteen minutes later, after he’s put on his school uniform, Vabendra walks to class with his brother. The boys move at a brisk pace, which hints at Vabendra’s love of speed.

“I go jogging every morning,” he says, smiling. “I won a medal at a competition.”

Vabendra arrives at school and runs around the courtyard with his friends, a bit. He then settles in to his desk in the front row of his classroom.

“I want to get an education because school can teach you anything,” he says. “Getting an education makes you great.”



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