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In Malaysia, a preschool teacher goes the extra mile
KAPAR, Malaysia, 17 October 2013 – Lata Rajoo works at a carwash to make a living. But her passion is education, and her mission is to provide schooling for disadvantaged children. So she spends the better part of her day using much of her own money to run Tadika Senyuman Manja, a pre-primary school in Kapar, about 45 km from Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital.

New UNICEF National Ambassadors for Malaysia Upin and Ipin call on boys to respect, love and care for girls and women
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 8 March 2013 – UNICEF Malaysia welcomed Malaysia’s most famous animated cartoon characters, Upin and Ipin, as its new National Ambassadors at a press conference on the eve of International Women’s Day.

In Malaysia, celebrating every child’s right to participation
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 20 November 2012 – In the lead-up to Universal Children’s Day, 20 November, UNICEF Malaysia, together with several child-focused NGOs in Malaysia, is celebrating every child’s right to participation. Under the banner of Children4Change, the month of November has been dedicated to honour, celebrate and recognize the important role children can play in societies today.

In Malaysia, family-friendly workplaces give children and business a boost
SERI KEMBANGAN, Malaysia, 21 September 2012 - On a Monday morning, 5-year-old Lyana is getting ready for preschool. Like many children, she comes from a dual-income family who rely on child care outside the home. What sets them apart is that Lyana attends preschool at her mother’s workplace, Kein Hing Industry.

Helping children of Malaysia’s plantation workers get a quality education
LAHAD DATU, Malaysia, 12 March 2012 – Under the vast oil palm canopy of the Hap Seng plantation, on the eastern edge of Malaysian Borneo, Maria Rafael hacks away dead branches with her machete while supervising the progress of several other female migrant workers.

UNICEF partners with the Malaysian Government to address child poverty
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 14 November 2011 – Since mid-2010, 14-year-old Esther Vishvani has lived with her parents and three siblings in a rented low-cost flat in Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the 1,896 units in the complex, a high-rise project that is part of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government’s initiative to provide low-cost housing for households with a monthly income of less than $478. The family moved there after they lost their previous low-cost flat to foreclosure.

In Malaysia, UNICEF equity programme enables undocumented children to enrol in school
KAMPUNG NUMBAK, Malaysia, 16 May 2011 – For residents of the village of Kampung Numbak, on the coast of Malaysian Borneo, home is a community built on stilts above the seaside – a cluster of creaking walkways and steel rooftops.

Manchester United legend Bryan Robson visits at-risk adolescents in Kuala Lumpur
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 12 April 2011 – Manchester United football legend Bryan Robson stressed the importance of safe recreational spaces for vulnerable and at-risk adolescents during his recent visit to the ‘KL Krash Pad’ – a teen and youth centre located in the inner-city Chow Kit neighbourhood of Kuala Lumpur.

In Malaysia, a local child council empowers young people through participation
PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, 31 January 2011 – Children living in Petaling Jaya, near Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur, are now represented in the City Council. The Petaling Jaya Child Council (PJCC) was launched on 15 January, enabling children from the community to voice their opinions and participate in local development.

Support for Malaysian children affected by HIV and AIDS
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 29 July 2010 – Thirteen-year-old Aina (name changed) is determined to be a filmmaker when she grows up. She knows she’s talented and isn’t too shy to talk about it.

‘State of the World’s Children Special Edition’ report launched in Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 25 January 2010 – In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), UNICEF launched the ‘State of the World’s Children Special Edition’ report in Malaysia.

From Malaysia, 'Let’s Heal the World' music video sends a global message of child rights
CYBERJAYA, Malaysia, 20 November 2009 – Young people from different nationalities across the globe are sending a message of peace and hope through music, as part of a UNICEF partnership with Limkokwing University of Creative Technology to help create a world fit for children.

Education brings promise to Malaysia’s remote interior
LONG LUTENG, Malaysia, 16 November 2009 – Meriam Anyie was born deep in the rainforest of Malaysian Borneo. As members of the Penan ethnic group, a nomadic indigenous people in the state of Sarawak, she and her family spent most of their life in the jungle, never living in a permanent home throughout her childhood.

A ‘big sister’ helps students cope with bullying in Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 26 October 2009 – As Head Prefect, Dashenee Huthamaputhiran, 17, is a friendly face around Convent Sentul High School, offering advice to students who break school rules or lending a helping hand to those in trouble.

New Malaysian stamps pay tribute to children and their rights
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 12 October 2009 – To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Malaysia’s postal service, Pos Malaysia, has introduced a new set of stamps that aims to spread the word about children’s rights.

Helping young people overcome drug addiction in Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 22 July 2009 – Sharkozy (not his real name) began living the 'high society' life 10 years ago, when he started experimenting with marijuana and Erimin-5 with the local boys in his neighbourhood. He then spent the next three years dabbling in various illegal substances, including heroin and morphine.

United for UNICEF: Manchester United defend rights of vulnerable children
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 17 July 2009 – Manchester United stars Ryan Giggs, Patrice Evra and Federico Macheda, along with Manchester United Foundation Chief Executive John Shiels, today took time out of the club's pre-season tour of Asia to help UNICEF champion the rights of marginalized children in Malaysia.

Keeping children safe from bullies in Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 15 July 2009 – Ivan Wong, 10, loves badminton. His hero is Malaysia's top shuttler, Lee Chong Wei. Ivan used to look forward to Saturday mornings, when he could go to school and play badminton with his friends. But his love for the game could not withstand the incessant teasing directed at him by the older boys at school.

Malaysian teens reveal their lives and concerns through one-minute videos
BANDARAYA MELAKA, Malaysia, 27 February 2009 – Qusyairi Zazili, 15, is a budding environmentalist with a concern he recently revealed at the first ‘OneMinutesJr’ video workshop hosted in Malaysia by UNICEF and the Ministry of Education.

Malaysian women are key to making a difference on HIV and AIDS
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 18 December 2008 – Thousands of children in Malaysia either live in homes with a family member who is living with HIV, have been orphaned by AIDS or are living with the virus themselves. These children may have their childhood, education and opportunities affected by the stigma and discrimination attached to HIV.

Malaysian teenager holds aquathlon for survivors of Cyclone Nargis
SRI KEMBANGAN, Malaysia, 11 July 2008 – Being thousands of miles away from Myanmar did not stop Tristan Lim, a 13-year-old student of the Alice Smith School in Malaysia, from working his hardest to help raise funds for the survivors of Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar.

Reaching out to indigenous pre-schoolers in remote regions of Malaysia
KAMPUNG PETA, Malaysia, 2 July 2008 – The ancient jungle of Endau-Rompin National Park, deep in Peninsular Malaysia, is home to rare species of birds, butterflies and rhinoceros, as well as a diverse range of plant life. It is also the traditional home of the Orang Asli, or ‘original people’, the indigenous inhabitants of Malaysia.

Using folklore to promote and enrich education for Malaysia’s indigenous children
TASIK CINI, Malaysia, 17 June 2008 – Assembled around a village elder, members of the younger generation listen to tales of their ancestors. Clad in a traditional headpiece made of dried leaves, Awang Bin Alok, 67, shares his stories with young students sitting on the porch of a wooden house.

3R-UNICEF All Women’s Futsal Playoffs empower girls to fight AIDS
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 4 March 2008 – More than 1,000 girls and women from across Malaysia came together recently in a spirit of sisterhood and empowerment to unite against AIDS.

Pilot effort provides an early warning system for autistic children in Malaysia
GELANG PATAH, Malaysia, 26 February 2008 – Three-year-old Mohamad kneels on the floor, winding and unwinding an electrical cord around his arms. Every few cycles, he turns slightly clockwise, but always with his back to his mother and father, who try futilely to catch his attention.

Promoting a passion for reading on remote Malaysian islands
TIMANG ISLAND, Malaysia, 20 February 2008 – As bursts of pink and orange peek through the cloudy morning sky, two young boys hop into a long wooden motorboat with their mothers. They are heading for Timbang Island, a half-hour journey away, where the two mothers work as teachers and the boys attend classes.

Outreach efforts address the double stigma of HIV/AIDS and drug use in Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 17 April 2007 – Injecting drug users are overwhelmingly the largest contributor to the spread of HIV and AIDS in Malaysia, and they bear a double stigma.

Young Malaysian footballers go on the offensive against HIV and AIDS
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 10 April 2007 – Shawn Daniels, 16, holds a teammate in a headlock, refusing to let go. Instead of coming to the aid of Shawn’s captive, the rest of the team looks on and laughs.

Giving an early boost to the next generation of Malaysia’s ‘original people’
GERIK, Malaysia, 28 March 2007 – Simah Asir holds a job that many of her neighbours feel is unnecessary. She is a preschool teacher in a small village two hours by jeep from the nearest sizeable town, at the end of a rugged road snaking through rubber and palm oil plantations.

Malaysia works to break the cycle of mother-to-child HIV transmission
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 22 March 2007 – Puteri, 12, picks up a large orange tablet and drops it into her mouth. It takes two gulps of water before she manages to swallow it. She frowns, looking at the small dish in her hand containing three other pills of various shapes and colours.

Flooding in Malaysia threatens children’s well-being
NEW YORK, USA, 19 January 2007 – Flooding in Malaysia from unusually high levels of rainfall has resulted in the displacement of thousands of people, many of them children.

Project offers long-term psychosocial support for tsunami-affected Malaysian children
LANGKAWI, Malaysia, December 2006 – Nightmares of giant waves haunt Nur Alia Ismail less often than they did before. On a Sunday afternoon nearly two years after the tsunami swept through her beachside neighbourhood, she showed no fear as she played just metres from the sea.

A creative escape from tsunami trauma in Malaysia
LANGKAWI, Malaysia, December 2006 – Nor Soffi binti Abu Bakar is a regular participant in an art workshop for young people affected by the tsunami. The workshop was originally conceived by UNICEF and its partner organization EMPOWER as a place for youth to learn to open up and deal with the impact of the tsunami.

Micro-enterprises empower tsunami-affected Malaysian women
LANGKAWI, Malaysia, December 2006 – For the men who cast their nets off the tsunami-affected coast of Langkawi, life is finally returning to normal.

Malaysian youth centres help to keep children safe from HIV/AIDS
PENDANG KEDAH, Malaysia, 22 November 2006 – For many adolescents in Malaysia, the pressure to engage in high-risk behaviour is strong.

Peer-counselling programme in Malaysia mentors at-risk children
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 9 October 2006 - For young people around the world, being a teenager is one of the most challenging times in life. When faced with difficult situations such as discrimination, substance abuse or violence, they need trusted role models for guidance.

Making heroes out of children with a new emergency preparedness programme
KUALA MUDA KEDAH, Malaysia, 1 September 2006 – “I was watching TV when my neighbour came to my house to tell me to look at this long white line in the sea. When I saw the giant waves in the distance I thought to myself, how beautiful! I had never seen anything like it before..."

Youth campaign aims to keep drugs out of Kuala Lumpur clubs
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 10 August 2006 – Concerned about the increased availability of so called ‘feel-good’ drugs such as amphetamines and Ecstasy, the popular Zouk dance club in Kuala Lumpur and UNICEF have launched a campaign designed to educate young people on the dangers of drug use.

Village Health Promoters bringing care to rural communities in Malaysia
SARAWAK, Malaysia, 26 May 2006 – Rudy anak Dugu, 9, experiences life as most boys his age do: He goes to school, enjoys sports and does his chores. But unlike most other young boys in Malaysia, if Rudy gets sick, he may have to travel an hour or more for help.

Malaysian women’s futsal tournament promotes healthy living
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 22 May 2006 – For hundreds of girls and women from all over Malaysia, the ‘3R’-UNICEF All Women’s Futsal Playoffs were a chance to meet and share stories, build self-esteem and, of course, compete in the largest women’s-only futsal (indoor football) tournament in Malaysia.

Futsal tournament promotes women’s empowerment and HIV/AIDS awareness
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 7 March, 2006 – To mark International Women’s Day, UNICEF and 3R, Malaysia’s innovative TV programme, are joining forces to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and women’s empowerment through sport.

Malaysia: Working together to overcome HIV/AIDS
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 2 February 2006 – “Everyday I wake up and I look around me. I am on my soft bed surrounded by four beautifully painted peach walls, with a roof over my head. I look outside my window and I see trees amidst tall skyscrapers and beautiful parks, with children playing on the swings and see-saws in their adorable childlike ways.

Malaysia: Empowering women affected by the tsunami
KUALA MUDA KEDAH, Malaysia, December 2005 –  “It’s not easy being a single mother, supporting three children on my own. When the tsunami washed everything away – my sewing machines, my savings and my home – I felt like I didn’t have the will to go on,” says Hamidah Bte Che Rus, looking with preoccupation at her young daughter. “But I thank God for sparing the lives of my three children.”  

Tsunami recovery in Malaysia: Strengthening communities
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, December 2005 – “The impact of the tsunami in Malaysia was not as great as was felt in the rest of the region. Sumatra protected Malaysia from the worst of its impact and its effect. However it was the worst-ever natural disaster for Malaysia." says Gaye Phillips.

Helping Malaysia’s children suffering from post-tsunami trauma
LANGKAWI, Malaysia, December 2005 – It’s hard to fathom that the beach where 9-year-old Nur Alia now plays hopscotch with her village friends was completely devastated by the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 25 November 2005 – Children are increasingly bearing the brunt of the HIV/AIDS epidemic with devastating consequences, UNICEF warned as it launched the UNITE FOR CHILDREN UNITE AGAINST AIDS campaign in Malaysia.

Four-year-old Su-Sze raises $8,800 for children in Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 8 August 2005 – Four-year-old Kam Su-Sze from Malaysia has done her parents and her country proud by raising more than 33,000 Malaysian ringgits (about $8,800) for UNICEF, through the sale of postcards showcasing her art.

Popular TV hosts from 3R appointed National Goodwill Ambassadors for UNICEF Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR, 15 July 2005 – The three dynamic hosts of the popular television programme 3R (Respect, Relax, Respond) were recently chosen by UNICEF to become Malaysia’s first ever National Goodwill Ambassadors.

UNICEF’s ‘Mouthpiece’ workshop empowers Malaysia’s young journalists on HIV/AIDS reporting
KUALA LUMPUR, 13 July 2005 – In a wake of rising HIV/AIDS infection rates in Malaysia, UNICEF recently organized a three-day workshop for the country’s young reporters and broadcasters, held in Port Dickson. The workshop, entitled ‘Mouthpiece’, is aimed at creating greater awareness among the young journalists regarding issues surrounding HIV/AIDS.

Malaysia: Community conversations help healing and recovery
LANGKAWI, Malaysia, 21 June 2005 – Lembut Hassan, Aminah Murad, Azizah Hashim and Embon Saad are facing a difficult and painful recovery process, forced on them by last December’s tsunami. But they are not alone in coping – they are helping each other, and their community, recover, through an age-old social institution: the community conversation.

New boats help Malaysia’s fishermen get back to sea
KUALA MUDA, Malaysia, 21 March 2005 - Experienced fishermen around the Kedah area of Malaysia, long accustomed to the normal hazards of the sea, recall trembling in fear on the night of 27 December 2004, as they heard shouts of another tsunami approaching their shores - one day after the disastrous waves which devastated countries around the Indian Ocean. Thankfully, the warnings proved false.

Malaysia’s casualties fewer, but major reconstruction still needed
NEW YORK, 24 January 2004 - Four weeks after Malaysia’s worst natural disaster, the relief effort is beginning to focus on rebuilding lives and livelihoods.




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