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At a glance: Liberia


Saving lives during childbirth in rural Liberia
KONOBO, Liberia, 12 May 2016 – Deep in the heart of Grand Gedeh County, Liberia, a newborn baby lies on a bed in the Konobo rural health centre. She is wrapped in a red and black lappa – a traditional Liberian cloth – and nurses and midwives come over periodically to check on her.

Liberia’s long trek to defeating Ebola
LONFAYE TOWN, Liberia, 9 May 2015 – For Dao Kamara, the battle against Ebola sometimes means trekking as long as 12 hours to help local communities protect themselves from the virus, which has claimed the lives of more than 11,000 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone since the start of the outbreak last year.

Measures to safeguard schools in Ebola-hit Liberia point to need for continued vigilance
MONROVIA, Liberia, 30 March 2015 – Classes at the Slipway primary school in central Monrovia resumed only a few weeks ago, but the new morning drill is already well established.

A safe burial for an Ebola victim in Liberia
MONROVIA, Liberia, 9 February 2015 – “Drive along the Robertsfield highway past Tower Hill, make a sharp right turn after you pass Ambush Curve, and proceed a few hundred metres until you reach Disco Hill. It’s close to smell no taste.” These are the directions to Liberia’s newest cemetery, one in which more than 350 people have been buried in a dignified – and safe – way.  

Hunting Ebola virus in Liberia
With a recent decline in the number of Ebola cases in Liberia, the fight against the virus has changed from mass treatment to hunting down the virus wherever it emerges. It takes only one case to put a whole village at risk.

A teacher’s turf: Community outreach in the fight against Ebola
PAYNESVILLE, Liberia, 5 December 2014 – Alphonso Kanboh and four other men walk through a maze of narrow paths that wind through a community in Paynesville, just outside Monrovia, the Liberian capital. They approach a small house painted a bright canary yellow, with an awning covered in fabric that provides some shade from the sun.

Working for children in the Ebola crisis

Countries learn from Nepal's 'Schools as Zones of Peace' programme
KATHMANDU, Nepal, 16 May 2012 – Participants from five countries and various ministries and international NGOs gathered in Nepal last week to learn about the ‘Schools as Zones of Peace’ (SZOP) programme.

Children’s Law offers promise and protection to Liberia’s children
MONROVIA, Liberia, 9 March, 2012 – In early February, some 7,000 children converged on the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in downtown Monrovia to celebrate the day-long Liberia’s Children Festival .

Connecting Classrooms youth advocates meet Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
MONROVIA, Liberia, and New York, USA, 28 February 2012 – When Benkie and Moses, both 18, joined the Connecting Classrooms programme in Liberia, they had no idea that they would soon meet the President of their country.

Cash transfers transform lives of vulnerable children in Liberia
BOMI COUNTY, Liberia, 30 December 2011 – Despite immense hardships in her life, Sara Dennis, a mother of six in Bomi County, north-western Liberia, is in high spirits. “I am illiterate and so is my husband, however all my five school-age children are educated. And in a few years, they will have finished their studies and get prestigious jobs,” she said.

Liberia rebuilds education system after years of civil war
GANTA TOWN, Liberia, 16 September 2011 – War, bullets and bloodshed – words which generations of Liberians are still more familiar with than books or schools. It’s only been eight years since the country knew peace; the scars from its paralyzing 14-year civil war remain visible as its people try to heal. Today, the government is working to rebuild the infrastructure that was completely destroyed – large parts of Liberia doesn’t have roads and millions are living without basic access to water, healthcare or electricity. But ask any Liberian what they need most and the answer is the same – education.

Liberian host communities support education for Ivorian refugee children
GRAND GEDEH, Liberia, 20 July 2011 – In a nation still recovering from a ruinous civil war – a place where many people have no access to electricity, safe water or health care – hundreds of communities have opened their doors to refugees from neighbouring Côte d’Ivoire.

Displaced by political conflict, Ivorian child refugees attend school at Liberia's Bahn camp
NIMBA COUNTY, Liberia, 24 June 2011 – Forty-year old Philippe Cheugui used to teach history and geography at a school in Danane, a town in western Côte d’Ivoire. He was a successful teacher and public spokesperson, an inspiration to many.

Deputy Executive Director calls for step up of emergency response for Ivorian refugees
GRAND GEDEH, Liberia, 4 April 2011- More than 100,000 Ivorians have fled to Liberia since last November’s disputed presidential election. About two-thirds are children, who are now in desperate need of food, clean drinking water, shelter, sanitation facilities and medical care.

UNICEF supports emergency immunization drive to contain measles outbreak in Liberia
ZOELUAPA, Liberia, 10 February 2011 – Zoeluapa has no electricity, no sanitation and no health clinic. And now the town of 4,000, located at the heart of north-eastern Liberia's impoverished Nimba County, is also battling a measles outbreak. By the end of January, 100 measles cases and five deaths from the highly infectious disease had been reported here.

Liberia and UNICEF support health and education for Ivorian refugee children
NIMBA COUNTY, Liberia, 17 January 2011 – The river is calm as Basile, 8, stands on its bank and casts his fishing line. He has come to this spot near the eastern border of Liberia every day for the last six weeks, a respite from the turmoil of his flight from neighbouring Côte d’Ivoire. And if he catches any fish, he knows that he and is three siblings will eat today.

Strained resources for refugees from Côte d’Ivoire and their hosts in Liberia
NIMBA COUNTY, Liberia, 14 Jan 2011 – Sanata, 9, was home alone when chaos erupted in her village on the western border of Côte d’Ivoire. Just days after the Ivoirian presidential elections in late November, tension between the country’s political parties was heating up and violence was feared as both candidates claimed victory.

Thousands of Ivorians flee political crisis, seeking refuge in Liberia
NIMBA COUNTY, Liberia, 28 December 2010 – Wonyen Basee, 12, describes her family’s ordeal – a three-day walk through the bush and across the border into Liberia – in wake of violence that has followed the presidential run-off in her native Côte d’Ivoire last month.

Free primary education: A stepping stone towards a better future for Liberia
GANTA, Liberia, 15 July 2010 – At 6 a.m., Atleta Suomie is already hard at work sweeping the floor and arranging the merchandise in her family’s small store. Atleta is a top mathematics student and this comes in handy through the morning’s roaring trade. But come lunchtime, she hands the shop over to her stepmother, changes into her school uniform, collects her books and leaves the shop.

In Liberia, UNICEF and partners take fight for better nutrition to community clinics
MONTSERRADO COUNTY, Liberia, 16 June 2010 – In an effort to reduce child mortality, UNICEF and its partners in Liberia are working with several community clinics to provide daily outpatient therapeutic feeding for children suffering from under-nutrition in several Liberian counties.

Liberating Liberia from polio and measles
MONROVIA, Liberia, 28 April 2010 – “Don’t cry, baby. This will keep you healthy and strong,” Princess Togba told her eight-month-old daughter, Agatha, as the baby received two drops of oral polio vaccine.

Liberian children take to the airwaves to advocate for their rights
MONROVIA, Liberia, 19 March 2010 – Children across Liberia celebrated International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) on March 7. All FM Radio Stations and 20 Community Radio Stations provided opportunities for the children to air their views and advocate on the issues that affect them.

Youth Radio reporter sings about her love of gospel music
MONROVIA, Liberia, 25 February 2010 – Last summer, 11-year-old Amelia got to spend a morning talking and singing with one of the most celebrated gospel musicians in all of Liberia.

Liberian youths report on injustices of education system in Liberia
MONROVIA, Liberia, 11 January 2010 – As Liberia slowly recovers from a 14-year-long civil war, its educational system retains some of the lawlessness that reigned during the conflict.

A child’s right to freedom of religion is expressed in Liberia
MONROVIA, Liberia, 29 December 2009 – When Emmanuel Mulbah, 18, moved in with his uncle several years ago, they became very close. Emmanuel worked in his uncle’s shop, and would run it whenever his uncle was away.

Liberia's largest immunization campaign ever targets Yellow Fever
MONTSERRADO COUNTY, Liberia, 21 December 2009 – The largest immunization campaign ever conducted in Liberia took place last month, targeting over three million people, or 90 per cent of the population. The immunization was against Yellow Fever, a potentially lethal infection transmitted by mosquitoes.

UNICEF Radio Digital Diaries: Motorbikes in Monrovia
MONROVIA, Liberia, 10 December 2009 – "Everywhere you go in Liberia, you will see motorbikes,” says Josephine Zogbaye, 18. “Many people don’t have access to cars, so anytime I’m going somewhere, I take a motorbike to avoid long distance walks so I won’t be late.”

Liberia enshrines the Convention on the Rights of the Child in military code
MONROVIA, Liberia, 2 December 2009 – UNICEF and Liberia’s Ministry of National Defence recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen their cooperation in ensuring that children’s rights are fully respected in the interactions between the military and the population – especially for children living in military barracks.

Digital Diarist Lydia, 18, discusses the challenges of education in Liberia
MONROVIA, Liberia, 23 November 2009 – When Lydia graduated from school a few months ago, her future should have been boundless. She had done well in school and was expecting good results on her university entrance exam.

Liberia's Memorandum of Understanding on respecting children's rights
MONROVIA, Liberia, 17 November 2009 – UNICEF and Liberia’s Ministry of National Defense have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen their cooperation in ensuring that children’s rights are fully respected in interactions between the military and the population – especially those involving children living in military barracks.

Seven youths from Liberia learn how to record, edit, write and produce radio programmes
MONROVIA, Liberia, 30 October 2009 – "The last time I got malaria, I had to leave school because I couldn't walk properly. I couldn't eat," says Veldis Malkor, age 13. "I missed school for about a week."

Liberia launches safe-water campaign to prevent disease outbreaks
MONROVIA, Liberia, 14 October 2009 – UNICEF and its partners have introduced a far-reaching new initiative to reduce the number of Liberian families falling ill and dying from unsafe water.

Liberia’s first post-war generation starts primary school
GANTA, Liberia, 11 September 2009 – Salomie Kieah is one of many six-year-old children starting school this month in Liberia. After a final adjustment to fit her new uniform and a stop at the stationery shop to buy supplies, she is ready for her first day in primary school.

Global youth forum in Liberia stresses importance of education for all
MONROVIA, Liberia, 20 March 2009 – More than 80 young delegates from around the world gathered in Liberia for the Emerging Leaders Forum earlier this month, in preparation for the International Colloquium for Women's Empowerment, Leadership Development, International Peace and Security.

‘I Have Something to Tell You’ – documentary gives voice to young Liberian women
KAKATA, Liberia, 10 March 2009 – After two decades of civil war, girls in Liberia must overcome many obstacles to achieve their dreams. A new documentary film, ‘I Have Something to Tell You’, is giving voice to a group of 10 ambitious young women who met in a workshop at the Liberia Youth Network’s centre in Kakata.

Protecting girls and women from sexual violence in post-war Liberia
MONROVIA, Liberia, 14 November 2008 – Peace came to Liberia in 2003, after 14 years of brutal, devastating civil war. Since then, progress to rebuild the country has been significant: the restoration of infrastructure, public services, the economy and the rule of law is well under way.

Rwandan and Liberian youths capture images of their lives at 'Eye See III' workshop
NEW YORK, USA, 24 April 2008 – Each equipped with a camera and a unique perspective, dozens of children in Rwanda and Liberia recently spent a week with internationally renowned photographer and frequent UNICEF contributor Giacomo Pirozzi for a series of training workshops called ‘Eye See III’.

Executive Director visits programmes bringing hope to war-affected Liberian children
MONROVIA, Liberia, 27 February 2008 – UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman has just completed a visit here to gain firsthand insights into the situation of children in post-conflict Liberia.

Liberia's President helps UNICEF launch 'The State of the World’s Children 2008'
MONROVIA, Liberia, 5 February 2008 – More and more, post-conflict Liberia is finding opportunities for change.

Never too late to learn, students in Liberia say
MONROVIA, Liberia, 4 January 2008 – “I was big when I started school,” says Benetta Nyemah, a 15-year-old student who attends primary school here in the capital of Liberia. “During the war, my parents left Monrovia and we went into our village to hide. There was no school in the village, and we used to work on the farm all day.”

Accelerated Learning Programme gives conflict-affected youths a chance for education
CALDWELL, Liberia, 26 October 2007 – Odell Williams is a student in the Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP) at the Elizabeth Tubman Public school outside Liberia’s capital, Monrovia.

Mamiwhe’s Digital Diary: A passionate commitment to education for all
NEW YORK, USA, 3 October 2007 – Mamiwhe Kpahgbor, 16, is eager to tell the world what she thinks is important. She wants especially to emphasize what she sees as the most crucial issue for the future of her country, Liberia – namely, the advancement of education for all children.

UNICEF Executive Board reviews country programmes that help societies rebuild
NEW YORK, USA, 6 September 2007 – On the second day of their current session in New York, UNICEF Executive Board members today continued their discussion of the programmes of 17 country offices planning their work for the next five years.

Vocational training helps reintegrate Liberia’s former child soldiers
KOLAHUN, Liberia, 3 July 2007 – On a busy dirt road in Kolahun City, young Tarnue is being trained in auto mechanics at a UNICEF-supported centre for Children Associated with Fighting Forces (CAFF). Close to a building that was destroyed during the war, Tarnue and his friends are learning how to repair car engines.

Executive Board focuses on security and development in post-conflict Liberia
NEW YORK, 7 June 2007 – History has shown that more than half of post-conflict countries slide back into conflict within five years of achieving peace. On the final day of its 2007 annual meeting, UNICEF’s Executive Board focused on preventing such an outcome in Liberia, which has just emerged from a 14-year civil war.

Bednets from Canadian ‘Spread the Net’ campaign to tackle malaria in Liberia
GATINEAU, Canada, 18 April 2007 – It is a lofty goal: to cover Africa in blue bednets and stop death by malaria. A recent announcement by UNICEF Canada unveiled an important partnership with the Canada-based ‘Spread the Net’ anti-malaria campaign, and together, the partners aim to reach this goal.

Mamiwhe’s story: Advancing girls’ education for the sake of Liberia’s future
MONROVIA, Liberia, 19 March 2007 – After school, Mamiwhe Kpahgbor, 16, goes to the market to help her mother sell fish here in Liberia’s capital.

UN Executive Boards complete mission to post-war Liberia
MONROVIA, Liberia, 7 March 2007 – After more than 14 years of civil conflict, Liberia is moving forward on the road to recovery.

Liberia’s President tells UN and UNICEF delegates education is key to development
MONROVIA, Liberia, 28 February 2007 – The President of Liberia has emphasized the urgent need to get children back to school as her country struggles to rebuild after almost 15 years of civil conflict.

UN agencies work together to build new school in Liberia
TENNEBU, Liberia, 28 February 2007– On a dusty road in the town of Tennebu, a new seven-classroom schoolhouse is rising just behind the remains of the school, which was destroyed during Liberia’s civil conflict.

Formerly abducted into rebel forces, a Liberian girl makes a new start
GANTA, Liberia, 26 February 2007 – Towards the end of Liberia’s 15-year civil war, Gloria (not her real name) was abducted into the rebel forces by boys she knew. She tried to resist but they forced her at knifepoint. She went on to spend six months cooking, cleaning and learning how to use a weapon.

Minister of Education urges international support for recovery in post-conflict Liberia
NEW YORK, USA, 16 February 2007 – Having emerged from an almost 15-year civil conflict, Liberia is now gathering international support to help bring hope and a better future to its children and women.

Partners’ Forum meets to support rebuilding in post-civil war Liberia
NEW YORK, USA, 14 February 2007 – “This meeting is crucial to the future of the people of Liberia,” stated President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf at the Liberia Partners’ Forum held this week in Washington DC.

Liberating Liberia’s war generation
MONROVIA, Liberia, 5 February 2007 – Brutal marks of war and neglect are stark in Liberia’s capital, but unseen is the damage to an entire generation.

Liberia measles drive targets 650,000 children under five
SAKONNEDU, Liberia, 23 January 2007 – Across Liberia yesterday, a massive logistics operation went into high gear to protect 650,000 children under the age of five from measles.

West African children take to the airwaves to make their voices heard
MONROVIA, Liberia and FREETOWN, Sierra Leone, 18 December 2006 – This year’s ICDB on 10 December served as clarion call for broadcasters in Liberia and Sierra Leone to engage the voices of young people, providing them with a platform to air their views on reversing the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Liberia’s mothers urged to exclusively breastfeed
ZORZOR, Liberia, June 2006 – “Yorr, yorr,” UNICEF’s Henrietta Howard cried out in her native Kpelle language, issuing a traditional message to grab the audience’s attention. On cue, more than 200 women – many holding their infants – quieted down and replied, “Yorr, yorr!” and the launch of World Breastfeeding Week in Liberia began.

Liberia launches Girls’ Education National Policy with support from UNICEF
MONROVIA, Liberia, 18 April 2006 – The education of girls is to become a “cornerstone” of development in Liberia, according to Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia, who officially launched a Girls’ Education National Policy today.

Liberia: A new start for children associated with fighting forces
BUCHANAN, Liberia, 1 March 2006 – The first of thousands of former child combatants have completed a UNICEF-backed rehabilitation programme to give them new skills for the future. One hundred and sixteen boys and girls have finished the nine-month training course in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

UNICEF-supported water tanks bring clean water to communities in Monrovia
MONROVIA, Liberia, 23 February 2006 – Before the UNICEF water tanks were brought into Jallah Town, in the eastern part of the capital city, 72-year-old Jallah Kollie and his family had to spend hours each day finding enough clean drinking water for their needs.

Tackling polio in Liberia
MONROVIA, Liberia, 8 December 2005 – The final push in this year’s battle to eradicate polio in Africa begins on 9 December with the fourth round of National Immunization Days (NIDs). These campaigns have been synchronized across up to 23 African countries polio in the course of 2005.

400,000 Liberian children receive school supplies from UNICEF
HARPER, Liberia, 2 December 2005 – In a symbol of hope for Liberia’s children, UNICEF is distributing educational supplies to some 2,000 public schools across the country, benefiting nearly half a million students.

Young voices call out across Liberian airwaves
MONROVIA, Liberia, 20 September 2005 – An unusual group of young Liberian journalists is landing more and more major news scoops, such as an exclusive interview with the Liberian Head of State, the Minister of Defence, or UNICEF Liberia Representative Angela Kearney.

Liberia: Breastfeeding Week launched on civil war battlegrounds
ZORZOR, Liberia, 3 August 2005 –  “Yoh, yoh,” UNICEF’s Henrietta Howard cried out in her native Kpelle language, summoning the audience’s attention in the traditional way. On cue, more than 200 women, many holding their infants, replied, “Yoh, yoh!” – kicking off World Breastfeeding Week in Liberia.

Former child soldiers in Liberia now aim for sports glory
MONROVIA, 15 June 2005 – “Peace is very, very sweet,” said 13-year-old Stanley Varfley, captain of the winning boys’ football team at the youth sports tournament held to celebrate the Day of the African Child in Monrovia. “In five years, I’d love to see more development in Liberia, both in sport and in the government.”

New schools and accelerated learning help Liberian students make up for lost time
BUANPLAY, Liberia, 25 May 2005 – Thirteen-year-old Kosaye is the oldest student in her first grade class. Because of Liberia’s 14-year civil war, children like Kosaye missed the vital years of their schooling. With the guns of war now silenced, many schools have finally reopened. Despite her classmates’ constant teasing about her age, Kosaye is determined to stay in school and finish her education.

IKEA donates 9,000 tables for Liberia’s schools and health centres
MONROVIA, Liberia, 24 May 2005 – IKEA, the Swedish furniture manufacturer and a UNICEF corporate partner, has donated 9,000 tables to support UNICEF’s work in Liberia. The tables are worth over $765,000.

Kicking polio out of Liberia
TUBMANBURG, Liberia, 15 April 2005 – Peace has finally returned to this West African nation, and a vitally important peace dividend is reaching every corner of the county: the protection of all children from polio.

Former child soldiers being re-recruited in Liberia
NEW YORK, 4 April 2005 – Liberia’s former child soldiers are once again being forced into combat, even though the country’s civil war has officially ended.

Vaccinators strive to ‘reach the unreachable’ in Liberia’s polio campaign
NEW YORK, 4 March 2005 - Liberia has completed the first of four rounds of polio vaccinations this year, designed to reach all children under the age of five. This effort is part of a massive polio immunization drive involving 23 countries across the African continent. The aim is to reach a hundred million children and drive polio out of Africa for good.




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