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At a glance: Japan

Japanese children speak up to fight AIDS

© UNICEF Japan
Youth activists from UNICEF-Childnet read an appeal at the recent AIDS Forum in Yokohama.

By Noriko Watanabe

YOKOHAMA, Japan, 24 August 2006 – UNICEF youth activists issued an appeal at the AIDS Forum in Yokohama, an annual event promoting public awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention.

The activists, numbering about a dozen, are members of UNICEF-Childnet, a programme sponsored by UNICEF Japan that is aimed at raising awareness of global issues among youth.

Over 80 other children made their own appeal, following three AIDS seminars held at UNICEF House in Tokyo. The goal of the seminars, which were organized and managed by the youth activists and participants, was to develop recommendations on how to fight the AIDS pandemic.
At the Yokohama forum, which was held earlier this month, Childnet activists also prepared fliers and posters, and used a multimedia presentation, to explain the problem of AIDS to the audience. At the end of the forum, they presented the following appeals both to adults and to other children:

Appeal to adults to fight AIDS

  • We need your sufficient knowledge on HIV/AIDS for our protection
  • We need more information on HIV/AIDS in schools or communities to fight stigma
  • We need more hospital and health workers in developing countries
  • We need more media coverage on the reality of AIDS
  • We need more financial support for this global problem.

Appeal to children: How we can make a difference

  • Share stories with friends and family to raise awareness
  • Speak out and learn in the classroom
  • Become a mentor at school
  • Join activities in the community to talk openly about HIV/AIDS.



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