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UNICEF Deputy Executive Director visits children in an adult prison in Jamaica
KINGSTON, Jamaica, 26 February, 2013 – On her first visit to Jamaica, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Geeta Rao Gupta heard first-hand from children detained at the Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre, the country’s only prison for women.

Fighting child sexual abuse in the Caribbean
KINGSTON, Jamaica, 18 May 2012 – A nine-year old boy was systematically raped by his pastor while his mother was at work; an 18-month old baby boy died of internal damage after being raped by his uncle; a little girl was infected with gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes and HIV by an uncle who was in and out of prison.

After the violence, children in West Kingston heal with help from their teachers
KINGSTON, Jamaica, 7 July 2010 – Young children affected by the violence that prompted Jamaica’s state of emergency in late May have been coping with their grief in ways that are not traditionally used in the island.

Jamaican Olympic gold medallist looks forward to working as a UNICEF Ambassador
KINGSTON, Jamaica, 15 March 2010 – Shelly-Ann Fraser, 23, is the first Jamaican woman to win Olympic gold in the 100 meter dash. Now, she has also achieved a significant first for the children of her country.

Teen editorial from Jamaica: ‘Children have rights, too. Protect them!’
KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica has been subject to human rights criticisms in regards to our level of intolerance for sexual diversity, poor rehabilitation facilities, an overburdened and inefficient judicial system, human security and the continued impunity of police officers and state representatives who commit crimes.

Children find their voice at Caribbean Child Research Conference in Jamaica
KINGSTON, Jamaica, 6 November 2008 – The Caribbean Child Research Conference has become a milestone event that brings together academics, child-focused agencies, government officials and children to examine the latest research on issues affecting children.

In Jamaica, young lives transformed by the ‘Bashy Bus’ message of AIDS prevention
SPANISH TOWN, Jamaica, 25 July 2008 – Andre Lennon, 20, is a soft-spoken young man with a confident nature and a gentle smile. He lives with his mother and grandmother in a cottage surrounded by a garden that he tends himself.

Ishmael Beah urges Jamaican children not to surrender to violence
KINGSTON, Jamaica, 1 May 2008 – In a country where violence and conflict are the order of the day for many children, former child soldier Ishmael Beah has inspired Jamaicans with a powerful message of hope and resilience.

Violence against children high on the political agenda in Jamaica
KINGSTON, Jamaica, 27 February 2008 – Violence against children was high on the political agenda in Jamaica yesterday, as Professor Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro, one of the world’s leading experts on the subject, urged the Jamaican Parliament to do all it can to end the cycle of violence that’s blighting children’s futures.

Jamaica’s Peace Month brings hope for a more secure future
KINGSTON, Jamaica, 12 February 2008 – In the heart of Jamaica’s 'conflict zones', it is not unusual for a silent night to be shattered by the roar of gunfire. Nor is it unusual for children who live in these communities to sleep underneath their beds, deathly afraid of stray bullets, or to keep a pair of shoes close by at all times, ready to run for their lives.

The ‘Bashy Bus Kru' educates youths about HIV
KINGSTON, Jamaica, 4 January 2008 – At Allman Primary School in Kingston, students listen attentively as a group of dynamic peer-educators known as the ‘Bashy Bus Kru’ dance and sing. Though the performance is lively, the topic is serious, focusing on ways for children to protect themselves from HIV and AIDS.

Families in need of aid as Portland Cottage is once again devastated by a hurricane
PORTLAND COTTAGE, Jamaica, 23 August, 2007 – Amid the rubble of clothes spread out to dry on fallen tree branches, water soaked mattresses and swollen pieces of furniture, the children of Portland Cottage cling shyly to their mothers for safety. For the second time in three years, this small fishing community has experienced the fury of a hurricane.

As Hurricane Dean moves on, storm-affected communities pick up the pieces
NEW YORK, USA, 22 August 2007 – UNICEF and its humanitarian partners in the Caribbean region are taking action to protect children and families from the after-effects of Hurricane Dean in Jamaica, Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and other areas battered by the storm in recent days.

UNICEF and partners respond as Hurricane Dean batters Jamaica
NEW YORK,  USA, 20 August 2007 – UNICEF and other UN and humanitarian agencies took action to help the authorities respond to the emergency needs of children and families in Jamaica as Hurricane Dean, a dangerous Category 4 storm, battered the southern coast of the Caribbean island nation yesterday.

Irish cricketer visits Jamaican programme for people with disabilities
SPANISH TOWN, Jamaica, 28 March 2007 - In the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, Ireland is probably the team that best knows what it is to beat the odds. Having prevailed over Pakistan and tied with Zimbabwe during the group stage matches, they made their first-ever ICC Cricket World Cup appearance.

Zimbabwean cricket star visits Jamaican youth centre
KINGSTON, Jamaica, 19 March 2007 – Following an impressive knock of 67 runs against Ireland in a match that ended in a thrilling tie at Jamaica’s Sabina Park, Vusimuzi Sibanda, Zimbabwe’s opening batsman, took time off on Friday to do the other thing he enjoys – helping children.

Cricket CEO visits project promoting safe sex and abstinence in Jamaica
KINGSTON, Jamaica, 15 March 2007 – Seven weeks of competition in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 began on Tuesday with a victory by the West Indies over Pakistan in front of a record crowd of over 16,000 at Jamaica’s Sabina Park.

United against AIDS at the opening of the ICC Cricket World Cup in Jamaica
KINGSTON, Jamaica, 12 March 2007 – The worldwide audience that watched the opening ceremony of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket World Cup 2007 on Sunday witnessed a defining moment in sport.

Youth in Jamaica create radio spots to combat AIDS stigma
NEW YORK, USA 27 December 2006 – “Treat children living with HIV the same way you would like to be treated,” a young man’s voice implores from the radio. “We are not little monsters. We have feelings too,” says another.

‘Roving Caregivers’ promote early childhood development at home in Jamaica
CLARENDON, Jamaica, 26 October 2006 – Marva Ricketts is a biological mother of three, but she is a familiar face to 30 young children across five communities in the parish of Clarendon. Twice a month, she visits the children's homes to play with them and speak with their parents.

Digital Diary: Jamaican AIDS activist Kerrel McKay talks to other youth leaders
NEW YORK, USA, 19 October 2006 – In her latest Digital Diary, UNICEF Radio Youth Reporter and Jamaican AIDS activist Kerrel McKay interviews other young leaders she met at the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto.

Brazil and Jamaica unite against adolescent HIV/AIDS
JAMAICA/BRAZIL, 16 October 2006 – For over two decades Jamaica and Brazil have undertaken considerable efforts to get the HIV/AIDS epidemic under control.

Digital Diary: Jamaican AIDS activist Kerrel McKay tells her story, her way
NEW YORK, USA, 15 August 2006 – For the past few months, Jamaican youth AIDS activist Kerrel McKay has been using a mini-disc recorder and microphone to record some of her thoughts and conversations for UNICEF Radio.

UNICEF Project Officer honoured at AIDS 2006
TORONTO, Canada, 15 August 2006 – UNICEF’s Penelope Campbell was recognized at the XVI International AIDS Conference on Monday as the winner of a prestigious award for young women working on the front lines of the fight against AIDS.

Danny Glover visits HIV/AIDS youth outreach centre in Jamaica
NEW YORK, USA, 18 May 2006 – After giving a presentation on the final day of the second annual Conference on Caribbean Philanthropy recently in Montego Bay, Jamaica, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Danny Glover could have simply flown home.

Digital diary: Jamaican youth AIDS activist Kerrel McKay tells her story, her way
NEW YORK, USA, 25 April 2006 – Kerrel McKay was 10 years old when her father was diagnosed with AIDS. She lived in the parish of Portland on Jamaica’s northeast coast. Her parents were separated, and at age 14 she had to take on the burden of caretaking.

Newsweek magazine features young woman’s moving essay about her struggle to educate others about HIV/AIDS
NEW YORK, USA, 22 November 2005 - A young woman’s struggle to educate the world about the dangers of  HIV/AIDS has been given a boost today by Newsweek magazine, which is featuring her essay in its “My Turn” column in this week’s issue.

Jamaica: Gender-fair schools stem boys' anger
KINGSTON, Jamaica/NEW YORK, USA, 14 November 2005 – School life for boys and girls at Children First in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, is very different from most other schools. Here, students have a say in rules and sanctions, evaluate their teachers’ and director’s performance and make recommendations for faculty behaviour.

Father’s death spurs lifetime commitment to fighting AIDS
14 October 2005, PORTLAND, Jamaica – “Five years ago my father died from HIV/AIDS. At a very young age I found out that he was HIV positive. As I grew older, it got worse – his health started to deteriorate, and I was the one who had to be taking care of him.

Jamaica and Grenada worst hit as Hurricane Ivan heads for Cuba
NEW YORK September 12 2004 - Jamaica is appealing for international aid in the wake of Hurricane Ivan which tore through the island at the weekend. At least 14 people are reported dead and thousands more have lost their homes.

Emergency underway as Hurricane Ivan heads for Jamaica
NEW YORK, 9 September 2004 - UNICEF is preparing for a major emergency in Jamaica as Hurricane Ivan looks set to strike the Caribbean island tonight. Now a dangerous Category 5, it’s likely to be the worst storm for decades with winds reaching 160 mph.




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