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Brazil and Jamaica unite against adolescent HIV/AIDS

UNICEF Image: Jamaica: Unite with Brazil against adolescent HIV/AIDS
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A peer counsellor in Jamaica engages a group of young people in a discussion about HIV/AIDS.

JAMAICA/BRAZIL, 16 October 2006 – For over two decades Jamaica and Brazil have undertaken considerable efforts to get the HIV/AIDS epidemic under control. Primary prevention, access to treatment and care, and protection of children affected by HIV/AIDS have been the main foci of their interventions. For these reasons, both countries have been nominated as champion countries in the global campaign, UNITE FOR CHILDREN  UNITED AGAINST AIDS.

Confronted with an increasing vulnerability to HIV/AIDS among their adolescent population – many of whom are now living with HIV thanks to greater access to treatment prolonging their lives – Brazil and Jamaica have decided to join forces. Learning from each other, both countries are accelerating and scaling up prevention efforts among adolescents and providing the necessary protection, treatment and care for those living with HIV/AIDS.

‘South to South’ exchange

The present three-year joint proposal, submitted by the UNICEF offices in Jamaica and Brazil to the French National Committee for UNICEF for a total amount of €300,000, supports four main strategies:

  • Building constructive policy, planning and programming environments
  • Strengthening family, community and institutional capacities to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS and provide care to the affected and infected
  • Enhancing the willingness and capacity of adolescents to participate in expanded HIV responses
  • Promoting ‘South to South’ exchange of experience between two champion countries in the global response to HIV/AIDS.

Partnering for results

Working with a range of partners, including the national HIV/AIDS programmes and committees, Ministries of Health, Education, Social Welfare, Youth and Communication, non-governmental organizations and community-based groups, the media – and above all, adolescents themselves – UNICEF in Brazil and Jamaica will seek to achieve the following results through the proposal:

  • Expanded availability and access to HIV counselling and testing services among adolescents, including pregnant teenagers and their partners, to fulfil their right to know their HIV status and reinforce prevention and treatment efforts
  • Comprehensive information, support and access to services provided to adolescents diagnosed as HIV-negative to ensure that they protect themselves and their partners against infection
  • Increased demand for HIV counselling and testing as a result of broad, participatory social mobilization campaigns and community-based outreach efforts
  • Shared experiences and lessons learnt among Jamaican and Brazilian adolescents through study tours and youth forums.




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