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Iran, Islamic Republic of


In Iran, peer training helps vulnerable children in conflict with the law
TEHRAN, Iran, 9 April 2012 – “I’m 14 and I’m here for your vacancy for a secretary,” said a shy girl in a low voice. “I’m sure you’re so fit for this job,” said the employer, touching the girl’s lap. Feeling uncomfortable the young girl excused herself, looking at her watch, but the employer grabbed her hand and asked her to stay. Then the girl then pulled away and hit the employer with her hand bag. The class roared with laughter and everyone clapped for the two budding actresses as they return to their seats.

High-profile Iranian actresses promote breastfeeding in 'Talk to Me' campaign
TEHERAN, Iran, 7 September 2011 – The three-year-old girl with a pair of lace wings runs around the coffee table with her five-year-old brother, laughing out loud, as the camera crew sets up lights and equipment around the apartment. The children’s mother, film actress Leila Hatami, asks them to go and play in their room while she offers pastries and tea to the crew.

UNICEF Iran Representative urges a deeper understanding of Islam to fight poverty
NEW YORK, 30 April 2008 – UNICEF Representative in Iran Christian Salazar has called for a deeper understanding of Islam to more effectively fight poverty in Islamic nations. He told an international conference in New York last week that while Iran has successfully tackled poverty in recent decades, disparities in income remain.

Psychosocial help gives children in Iran the tools to cope with challenges
BAM, Iran, 4 December 2007 – After the devastating 2003 earthquake in Bam, Athare Majidian, who lives here and works for Iran’s Ministry of Education, spent much of her time helping children overcome the effects of this tragic event and develop their resilience for possible future disasters.

Three years after the quake, UNICEF closes its emergency office in Bam, Iran
BAM, Iran, 26 January 2007 – Three years after a devastating earthquake struck the ancient Iranian city of Bam, development and reconstruction continue apace and UNICEF has closed its emergency office.

Integrated centres provide healthy development for children in Iran
CHABAHAR, Iran, 10 January 2007 – Hessam, a nine-month-old baby, gurgles in appreciation of the soup that his mother is feeding him. So does Nazanin, 3, and other young children in the room.

UNICEF FIFA Iran Youth profile

Abbas Jazzi, 16, lives for football in a tough neighbourhood in Iran
TEHRAN, Iran – At 6 o’clock on a Friday morning most teenagers are sound asleep and will be for a good few hours to come. But 16 year-old Abbas Jazzi has no time for sleeping. It might be the day of rest in the Islamic Republic, but Abbas is more interested in perfecting his technique on the football pitch.

In southeastern Iran, street theatre raises HIV awareness
BAM, Iran, 21 June 2006 – “You idiot!” yells the old man, rushing towards the tent to pull a young man out. “If you used the same needle my son uses for drugs you now probably carry the disease,” he roars.

Babies in Iran registered for key services, thanks to mobile units
HORMOZGAN, Iran, 17 May 2006 – Hormozgan Province in the south of Iran is one of the most deprived in the country. In the rural areas, people work either as subsistence farmers or as manual labourers. Many villages lie far from the nearest town, set deep into the mountains, with little access to social services, including birth registration.

Iranian communities rebuild and recover after earthquakes
LORESTAN, Iran, 17 May 2006 – More than six weeks after a series of strong earthquakes shook Lorestan province in western Iran, life appears to be returning to normal. Schools and shops are open for business in the cities, and reconstruction efforts are evident in the villages of the affected area.

Children among the most vulnerable from quake and aftershocks in Lorestan, Iran
LORESTAN, Iran, 5 April 2006 – UNICEF is at the front lines of the emergency relief effort in the aftermath of the 31 March earthquake and aftershocks in Lorestan, Iran. UNICEF’s Representative in Iran, Christian Salazar, spent time over the last few days in the city of Boroujerd, one of the hardest-hit areas. “It’s like a ghost town,” he said. “Ten thousand houses and all the schools are destroyed.”

TEHRAN, Iran, 5 December 2005 – Past and present football stars joined TV celebrities to kick off the UNITE FOR CHILDREN  UNITE AGAINST AIDS campaign in Iran last week at a special World AIDS Day match.

Opening up education to girls in Iran’s poorest province
SÍSTÁN VA BALÚCHESTÁN, Iran - Seven years of drought have left most of the rivers in Sístán va Balúchestán empty. Where water once flowed, dry ridges and crumbling banks carve their way through the parched earth.

Mobile libraries bring Bam’s children knowledge and fun
BAM, Iran, 10 May 2005 – Ten-year-old Somaye Ghorbanizadeh sits chewing her pencil in a dusty, makeshift classroom in the desert town of Bam. She continually glances at the clock on the wall, worried that soon it will be too late.

Relief efforts continue for survivors of Iran quake
ZARAND, Iran, 23 February 2005 - A powerful earthquake - measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale - struck the south-eastern Iranian town of Zarand early Tuesday morning. The death toll has already passed 500, and is expected to rise. Hundreds of survivors were forced to spend the ensuing night outdoors, exposed to freezing temperatures.

UNICEF responds quickly to strong earthquake in Iran
ZARAND, Iran, 22 February 2005 – A powerful earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale struck the town of Zarand in south-eastern Iran, early this morning. More than 30,000 people are affected by the disaster, many of them children. Some villages have been completely wiped out.




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