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Tsunami disaster – countries in crisis

Maldives: Day-to-day life in a temporary camp

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Ibrahim Shaqib, 12, and his family had to leave their island of Kandholhudhoo after the tsunami. They now live in a temporary camp on Khuludofar Island.

By Ibrahim Shaqib

Ibrahim Shagib is 12 years old. His family, originally from Kandholhudhoo island in the Maldives, was displaced by the tsunami and is now living in a temporary camp on Khuludofar island. They live in a hut which they’ve named Haaufaa, which means “a lot of  happiness.” This is Ibrahim’s story  in his own words:

KHULUDOFAR ISLAND, Maldives, December 2005 - My name is Ibrahim Shaqib and I’m 12.  I’m living in a camp on Khuludofar island.  Every morning I get up, I read the Koran and then do my homework.  Then, before I go to school, I usually play a game with my friends called Barballa.

We used to live on Kandholhudhoo Island.  On the morning of the tsunami, I went with my friends to collect sand from a sandbank to get money for our football club.  Half of us were in the boat, and half of us were still on the bank when the waves came in.  But we all managed to get back to shore.

At school there are other children from my island and we’re mixed in with the children from this island.  I’ve made new friends and the teachers are very good.
Social Studies is my favourite subject and I hate maths.

I will be happy when we finally get transferred to our new island.  Then, I can be re-united with all my friends.  At the moment, they’re dispersed around the atoll. 

I believe the tsunami was a natural phenomenon.  Some people say we were being punished on our island for leading sinful lives, but I don’t believe that.  We weren’t any worse than anyone else.
















12-year-old Ibrahim Shaqib talks about what day-to-day life has been like since he and his family were displaced by the tsunami.

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A 12 year old's story of how the tsunami affected his life and that of his family, in the Maldives. Hear his story:

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