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Tsunami disaster – countries in crisis

UNICEF brings fresh water to survivors in Myanmar

© UNICEF Myanmar/2005
A village in Ngaputaw, Myanmar is devastated by the tsunami.

YANGON, Myanmar, 6 January 2005 - UNICEF and the government of Myanmar are working in close coordination to make sure the tsunami survivors are getting the supplies they need.

The areas most affected are the Tanintharyi Division, Ayeyarwady Division and Rakhine State. Procuring fresh water for those living in the affected regions is a priority.

“Initial assessments have been completed in all areas,” said UNICEF Communication Officer in Myanmar Jason Rush. “Some damage has been done, but not on the scale of the other countries that have been affected. Making sure clean water gets to the affected areas is a UNICEF priority.”

Many families in the affected areas use fresh-water ponds to get their water. Unfortunately, many of these ponds have been contaminated. In those areas, UNICEF has dispatched Water, Environment and Sanitation teams with supplies including clean water tanks, oral rehydration salts and purification tablets.

UNICEF is also providing to affected areas family kits that include blankets, clothing, utensils, tarpaulins and mosquito nets. The provisions of these kits were done in coordination with the International Red Cross and other organizations.

On 5 January, children returned to the classrooms. Myanmar schools suffered only minor damage from the tsunami and limited amounts of learning materials have been lost. UNICEF is providing new school supplies and learning materials to students and teachers.





6 January 2005:
UNICEF Communication Officer Jason Rush gives an update on the situation in Myanmar following the tsunami that hit Asia on 26 December, 2004

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