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Complementary education programme puts children back to school in Eritrea
JENGERJIBA, Eritrea, 23 November 2010 - In a sustained effort to provide primary education for all, a UNICEF-supported programme of Complementary Elementary Education (CEE) is attempting to reach children and young adults in Eritrea who initially missed the opportunity to attend school.

UNICEF supports a revived commitment to nomadic education in Eritrea
ASMARA, Eritrea, 30 March 2010 – Delivering education to children in remote rural areas is a major challenge in Eritrea.

Commemorating the ban on female genital mutilation in Eritrea
ASMARA, Eritrea, 22 February 2010  Letenkiel Misghina, a former practitioner of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C), recently attended an all-day event commemorating the banning of the practice in Eritrea. The colourful procedings included speeches, poems, testimonies, information sessions, a marathon, a bicycle race and a carnival.

Community-led sanitation brings great promise for Eritrea
EMBEREMI, Eritrea, 31 December 2009 – Encouraging communities to work to improve their health and hygiene means empowering people with the right messages and the means to improve their sanitation systems.

‘Children’s Forum’ asks UNICEF to help foster equality and rights in Eritrea
ASMARA, Eritrea, 21 July 2009 – About 100 children from all over Eritrea took part in the country’s first-ever Children’s Forum, organized by UNICEF and the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students earlier this month.

An emphasis on education for migrant communities in Eritrea
GELEB, Eritrea, 17 April 2009 – Over the past three years, the Tigré community in Geleb, on the Eritrean coast, has seen improved access to education for its children, as well as increase safe water and use of latrines.

Eritrea celebrates women teachers as role models for girl students
ASMARA, Eritrea, 5 March 2009 – The Hotel Embasoira in Asmara recently hosted an award ceremony for women teachers, organized by the Ministry of Education and supported by UNICEF. The event, a first of its kind in Eritrea, celebrated the work and long-term achievements of 12 educators.

A second chance at education for children in Eritrea
JENGERJIBA, Eritrea, 29 January 2009 – Halima, a shy 11-year-old, is among the first groups of children who have been enrolled in a new elementary school in Jengerjiba. A small village located 110 kilometres from the capital Asmara, Jengerjiba is dotted with mud huts and concrete houses. The closest primary school is more than 10 kilometres away, a distance which has long hampered access to primary education for many local children.

State of Africa’s Children Report is launched in Eritrea
ASMARA, Eritrea, 16 December 2008 - UNICEF Eritrea and the Ministry of Health launched the 2008 State of Africa’s Children Report last month in the Eritrean capital of Asmara. The regional publication shows that Eritrea is one of 16 countries in the world currently on track to achieve MDG Four - reducing child mortality.

Sara Communication Initiative helps a young widow return to school in Eritrea
HASHISHAY, Eritrea, 2 September 2008 – Amid the dry heat and the scorching sun of Hashishay village in the north-west of Eritrea, there lies an oasis of huts made of mud-brick walls and grass-and-bamboo roofs. Meriem Abubeker, a 22-year-old widow, lives in Hashishay with her four-year-old son.

Years of drought put children and women in danger
ASMARA, Eritrea, 9 March 2005 - The people of Eritrea are facing a severe food shortage as the country endures its fourth successive year of drought. Hunger and malnutrition are especially threatening to the lives of children and pregnant or lactating women. Extreme poverty and the incomplete peace process with neighbouring Ethiopia - sometimes referred to as ‘no war, no peace’ - are making the situation even worse.

UNICEF report reveals hardship for children in Eritrea
NEW YORK, 21 July 2004 – Hundreds of thousands of children in Eritrea are living in extreme poverty because of drought and conflict with Ethiopia. A UNICEF report says 425,000 children under 14 are affected with many children under five suffering acute malnutrition.




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