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Indigenous children: In their own words...

Sinchi Chimba is a boy from Otavalo, Ecuador. He dreams of becoming an astronomer when he grows up.

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Sinchi Chimba

By Sinchi Chimba

My name is Sinchi Chimba, and I am 11 years-old. I am a migrant child from Otavalo. Now I am studying at the school “Yachi Huasi” in Quito. I think it’s important that we children know our rights and learn how to respect our culture and our territory. I liked a workshop where we worked on intercultural education and nutrition. We cooked natural food. Children shouldn’t be undernourished; they should eat healthy, avoiding anaemia.

Another thing very sad we saw is the abuse some children suffer at home and in the school. Many friends from my school have told me that their parents abuse them, kicking them and hitting them with their fists; they said some teachers throw erasers to them at the school when they don’t bring their homework. In the workshop we worked on the rights every child has to be respected and not to be abused. Children must have a good relationship with their parents, they can do things together, as in my neighbourhood, Monjas, where we sow trees and plants, and this way you feel better with nature.

I remember since I was little I used to go outside my home to watch the stars, and then I learned planets were created after a big explosion called Big Bang. For this reason, when I grow up I would like to be astronomer, and then I can help to see what will happen with nature.



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