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‘The night the sea rose’: Families from Barbuda and Cuba reflect on surviving Hurricane Irma
ST. JOHN’S, Antigua and COJÍMAR, Cuba, 22 September 2017 – From 6–10 September, Hurricane Irma tore through the islands of the Caribbean, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The category 5 storm was one of the most powerful storms ever recorded over the Atlantic Ocean.

A father from the start: Promoting early childhood development in Cuba
HAVANA, Cuba, 2 August 2017 – When Eduardo and his wife Margalys decided that they wanted to have children, he wasn’t sure what it would be like to be a father, but he was committed to being a good one. They attended family planning services together, and eventually prenatal sessions when they became pregnant.

In Cuba, getting children back into classrooms after Hurricane Matthew
GUANTANAMO, Cuba, 20 April 2017 – Cuba is under the permanent threat of natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and drought, and is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The country’s policies prioritize disaster risk reduction and environmental education, with particular emphasis on creating a culture of prevention among its youngest citizens.

Child protection services in Cuba: Jorge's story
HAVANA, Cuba, 18 January 2017 – Jorge had to move house four years ago. At the passing of his mother and without any other family member who could take care of him, he fell into the care of Cuba’s child protective services.

In the face of Hurricane Matthew, disaster risk reduction saves lives in Cuba
SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba, 6 December 2016 – Four years ago, Hurricane Sandy marked many of the children, teachers and families of Cuba for life. Some of them lost everything. Many feared they would relive the experience when Hurricane Matthew – one of the most damaging weather events of 2016 – struck in early October.

Learning without limits: Inclusive education gives children room to grow in Cuba
HAVANA, Cuba, 2 November 2016 – Reinier has a rapid and forceful response to everything. At the age of 18, his curiosity for everything and everyone around him keeps him suspended between illusion and absolute uncertainty – as can happen with any teenager. But he is not concerned about the future; he knows that if he has managed to get this far, he can do anything.

In Cuba, celebrating differences through inclusive football
SANCTI SPÍRITUS, Cuba, 16 May 2016 – As Joana, 14, and her team prepare for the final round of Cuba’s first inclusive football tournament, it is hard to believe that just one year ago she had never played the sport before.

Goodwill Ambassador Danny Glover visits Cuba to support people of African descent
HAVANA, Cuba, 20 June 2011 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and internationally acclaimed actor Danny Glover visited Havana last week to attend the opening session of the regional workshop entitled ‘Cuba and the Afro-Descendant Peoples of the Americas’.

Hospitals friendly to newborns and their mothers are widely realized in Cuba
SANCTI SPÍRITUS, Cuba, 17 March 2010 – With a history of poverty and political strife, Cubans have experienced much deprivation over the years. But access to basic services, such as healthcare, is available to all – especially children – whose first right is to the best start in life.

UNICEF organizes concert for Cuban young people
HAVANA, Cuba, 12 March 2009 – Last Friday and Saturday nights, Havana’s Karl Marx Theatre was filled with more than 5,000 young people who joined some of the country’s most renowned musicians and dancers to celebrate the cultural identity of Cuban young people.

Cuban schools devastated by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike
HAVANA, Cuba, 12 September 2008 – Two powerful hurricanes, Gustav and Ike, have pummelled the island of Cuba in the last nine days with high winds and torrential rains that left a broad path of destruction.

Hurricane Gustav leaves behind a path of destruction in Cuba
HAVANA, Cuba, 5 September 2008 – Hurricane Gustav, one of the most devastating hurricanes to strike Cuba in 50 years, hit the island hard overnight on 30-31 August.

Fifth International Congress on Culture and Development held in Havana
HAVANA, Cuba, 25 June 2007 – Almost 800 intellectuals, artists and spokespeople from 64 countries recently attended the Fifth International Congress on Culture and Development in Havana.




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