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Saying ‘no’ to discrimination in Chile

© UNICEF Chile/2008/Ojeda
Officers of Carabineros (Chilean Police) read the information sheets titled ‘No to discrimination... for equal treatment’, as part of a UNICEF-supported initiative.

SANTIAGO, Chile, 11 December 2008 – An initiative aimed at strengthening integration and promoting non-discrimination within the Carabineros (Police) has been launched by the Carabineros Undersecretary Javiera Blanco; Head of the Metropolitan Zone Carabineros Inspector General Raul Arellano; and UNICEF’s Representative in Chile Egidio Crotti.

‘No to discrimination... for equal treatment’ is the title of the information sheets issued by the three institutions, which will be distributed to all officers throughout Chile, with the purpose of emphasizing a non-discriminatory treatment toward different groups in Chilean society.

“With this initiative we want to make clear Carabineros’ position towards a subject both sensitive and important to this administration: We do not accept discriminatory behavior toward any group of society, nor behaviors that undermine citizen’s dignity,” said Undersecretary Blanco.

Understanding discrimination

The information sheets indicate the groups that are most prone to discrimination: children, people with disabilities, people of indigenous descent, poor people, foreigners and persons belonging to a sexual minority.

The sheets describe how any mockery of the physical appearance or sexual orientation of a person is discriminatory, and that discrimination includes not taking into account the views of children, poor behavior towards a specific person or group, or the discrediting of someone because of their ethnicity.

The report also warns against making fun of people based on the way they speak or devaluing the testimony of someone because of age or sex.

Respect for all

Undersecretary Blanco noted that the Carabineros are the best-evaluated institution in public opinion polls, and that this initiative is part of an ongoing effort to promote better treatment for all groups in Chilean society.
“This is a commitment and one of the fundamental principles of Carabineros,” said Inspector Arellano.

The UNICEF Representative in Chile, Egidio Crotti, acknowledged the police force's efforts.

“Globalization forces us, as a society, to share with diverse elements, and what matters is to see that behind that diversity there is a person that deserves our respect,” he said.



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