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Combatting severe acute malnutrition in Phnom Penh’s vulnerable communities
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, 8 November 2016 – Yin Seiha is 15 months old. She lives with her mother Chea Sok in one of Phnom Penh’s slum communities, in a single room hut that floats on the Tonle Sap River. Smiling and playing with her one-year-old neighbour, it’s hard to believe that this is the same child that a month ago was struggling to live and in need of urgent treatment.

In Cambodia, bringing essential care to children and mothers in remote communities
PREAH VIHEAR PROVINCE, Cambodia, 24 October 2016 – Min Phath, 27, lies down on a colourful mattress under the thatched roof of Tmat Peoy’s community centre in Preah Vihear Province, northern Cambodia. Chhim Ren, a trained health midwife from the Takoeung Health Centre, gently examines her belly.

Breastfeeding, a good start in life, gets a big push in Cambodia
SVAY RIENG, Cambodia, 1 August 2013 – Much Boeung was born four months ago in Trapaing Chhouk village in Cambodia’s Svay Rieng province, 125 km southeast of Phnom Penh. Like his 4-year-old sister, he was exclusively breastfed soon after birth. His mother, 24-year-old Touch Srey Aun, was encouraged to breastfeed by a member of the Mother Support Group network, which actively promotes exclusive breastfeeding from 0 to 6 months as part of Cambodia’s Baby-Friendly Community Initiative.

Nutrition campaign helps make Cambodia’s children strong, healthy and clever
KAMPONG THOM, Cambodia, 24 April 2013 – It is 8:00 a.m. in Ponleak village, Kampong Thom, and the sun is already high in the sky. A line of oxen amble down the dry dirt road past Vath Ngim’s house on stilts.

Young Cambodians share stories of their lives through film
PREY VENG, Cambodia, 21 December 2012 - Eighteen Cambodian youth recently shared personal stories about their lives and opinions in videos that they conceived, directed and edited. Their first-ever productions were made during the five-day OneMinutesJr. workshop held in Peam Ro district, Prey Veng province 27 November to 1 December, hosted by UNICEF and Save the Children Cambodia.

In Cambodia, a push to bring healthcare to remote areas
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, 4 October 2012 - Baby Moeun has just come into the world. Though he doesn’t know it, he has a difficult journey ahead of him.

In Cambodia, village health volunteers provide critical help for pregnant women and newborns
KAMPONG THOM, Cambodia, 24 September 2012 – Eighteen-year-old Srey Neang is eight months pregnant with her first child. Because there are few employment opportunities in her village, Ms. Neang and her husband work in a neighbouring village in Kampong Thom. A labourer in a rice field, Ms. Neang has had little access to health services and information.

Buddhist monks and UNICEF join to improve the lives of vulnerable families
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, 6 February 2012 – Cheng Sophea dropped to the ground with her son and bowed in a gesture of respect as Khun Khat arrived at her home in Kampong Speu Province, several hours outside Phnom Penh.

Ensuring quality education for children with disabilities in Cambodia
PREY VENG PROVINCE, Cambodia, 4 November 2011 – Soun Vanna, 13, sits quietly amongst her classmates while she completes the morning’s assignment. Partially deaf, Vanna receives support and encouragement from her teachers at Wath Prasat School, attending classes like any other child her age.

Child-friendly schools make a progressive leap in Cambodia
STUNG TRENG PROVINCE, Cambodia, 25 August 2010 – Long Kan Buthom, 11, performs a traditional Khmer dance with ease. Her radiant smile, expressive hand movements and precise choreography come from long hours of practice.

Centre helps girls recover from sexual exploitation in rural Cambodia
SIEM REAP, Cambodia, 4 December 2008 – In the rural village of Prolet, 17-year-old Phlat sits on the bare floor of her simple timber and thatch house and recounts the trauma she has had to overcome after being raped.

UNICEF-supported programme cares for Cambodian children living with HIV
SVAY RIENG PROVINCE, Cambodia, 14 July 2008 – On the veranda of their rural home, 12-year-old Vanna, his twin brother and an older sister race against the natural light to finish their homework. A clock perched between family photos chimes six times as the three orphans and their aunt make the most of the waning day.

Mother Support Group Network promotes exclusive breastfeeding in Cambodia
KA HANG, Cambodia, 31 March 2008 – The air is humid and the bright green rice fields of Ka Hang rustle gently, poised for another monsoon rain shower. A dozen or so mothers, with babies in their arms and toddlers running circles at their feet, make their way towards a canopied shelter.

Buddhist monks trained to support Cambodian families affected by HIV/AIDS
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, 6 June 2007 – Throughout Cambodia, Buddhist monks are held in high regard, not only as religious leaders but for their traditional role of helping those most in need. For many Cambodians living with or affected by HIV and AIDS, Buddhist monks provide a vital link to treatment and counselling.

‘Friends Helping Friends’ living with HIV/AIDS in Cambodia
SVAY RIENG, Cambodia, 18 May 2007 – Having a network of understanding friends to share the problems of living with HIV/AIDS is difficult in remote rural areas, particularly for young children.

UNICEF helps local government build pre-schools in Cambodia
SVAY RIENG PROVINCE, Cambodia, 11 May 2007 – Every weekday morning, Nita, 5, joins her friends at the Banteay Kraing Village community pre-school. Small sandals and shoes are neatly lined up in a row outside the wooden shelter that houses the school.

Lack of adequate sanitation triggers child health concerns in Cambodia
SVAY RIENG PROVINCE, Cambodia, 4 May 2007 – Rice farmer Vorn Mao is looking forward to the rainy season to flood his family's dry and dusty rice paddies. But for him and his wife Roeung, water not only provides a livelihood. It also has been the cause of some anguish.

Child-friendly schools support girls’ education in Cambodia
KAMPONG THOM, Cambodia, 12 April 2007 – Taxi, 14, lives in a rural community of Kampong Thom Province, central Cambodia. It is the dry season and dust chokes the air in her poverty-stricken village, as in most of rural Cambodia. Small palm-roofed bamboo huts line the dirt road that leads to Sankor School, where Taxi attends sixth grade.

Cambodia’s religious leaders enlist in the fight against avian influenza
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, 28 November 2006 – Over the last six years, UNICEF has been collaborating closely with Cambodian monks, nuns and local elders in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Now that collaboration is being harnessed to fight avian influenza.

In a Thai-Cambodian border town, protecting trafficked children and women
ARANYAPRATHET, Thailand, 7 August 2006 – Aranyaprathet market, which the Thais call Rong Glua, is a sprawling village of shops and light industry employing some 10,000 people on the Thai side of the Thailand-Cambodia border.

Cambodian theatre troupe raises AIDS awareness among young garment workers
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, 3 August 2006 – Two actors in heavy make-up swagger drunkenly across the lot of a garment factory in Phnom Penh. Their antics draw raucous laughter from a growing crowd of young women who are taking a lunch break.

Child-friendly schools give Cambodian children a boost
KAMPONG SPEU, Cambodia, 12 July 2006 – At the crack of dawn, the school day swings into motion in Trapaing Chhouk school, several kilometres down a dirt track from the nearest town.

For Cambodian girls, education is antidote to poverty and sexual exploitation
Bung Preah Commune, Prey Veng Province, Cambodia, 9 August 2005 – Fifteen-year-old Seng Srey Mach had to drop out of school for two years to work in the fields when her mother was ill and too weak to work.  For a girl who always was first in class, not going to school was devastating. “I used to cry when I saw my friends on their way to school,” Seng Srey says.

Free healthcare for Cambodia’s poorest families
SVAY RIENG, Cambodia, 13 June 2005 – When two of Chea Samoeun’s children came down with life-threatening illnesses at the same time she was able to take them to hospital secure in the knowledge that the cost would not ruin her family.

ECHO and UNICEF: Boosting child survival in Cambodia
KAMPONG SPEU, Cambodia, 18 May 2005 – For Sok Em and her neighbours, finding clean water has never been a simple task.

Goodwill Ambassador Jackie Chan calls for ban on landmines
PHNOM PENH, 22 April 2005 - Hugely popular film star and UNICEF/UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador Jackie Chan wrapped up a three-day mission to Cambodia on Friday by saying that officials of governments that use or produce landmines “should be forced to see the reality of how landmines hurt people and make them suffer, because this would surely make them stop.”

Voices of Asia’s youth
SIEM REAP, Cambodia, 30 March 2005 - During the 7th East Asia and the Pacific Ministerial Consultation on Children that took place last week in Siem Reap, Cambodia, 40 youth delegates representing 19 countries in the region spoke out on the issues, at a special ‘Children’s and Young People’s Forum’.

Carol Bellamy: Fruits of growth must reach all children
SIEM REAP, Cambodia, 23 March 2005 - UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy today addressed the opening session of the 7th East Asia and the Pacific Ministerial Consultation on Children, calling on participating countries to do more to tackle the growing disparities facing the region’s most vulnerable children.

Children account for half of landmine casualties in Cambodia
NEW YORK, 24 November 2004 – UNICEF will join hundreds of international organizations, global leaders and individuals to demand a ban on landmines at the Nairobi Summit on a Mine-Free World from November 29 to December 3.




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